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Classic Macaroni and Cheese

Want to add some extra flavour, when simmering the milk, add a few slices of onion, a bay leaf, and a few peppercorns. Take them out before adding the roux. After you have added the roux (equal Flour and butter)add a teaspoon of mustard. (I use a honey mustard). Takes mac n cheese to a new level.

Which Burr Coffee Grinder Would You Recommend?

I recommend the Cuisinart CBM 8C. It is no longer made, but you can still find them.They cost anywhere from $50-100.
DO NOT BUY THE NEW CUISINART CBN 18C MODEL. After using this product for over a month, daily, I have come to hate it. The CBM 18C static makes a mess. Not only does it put grounds all over the plastic container, it also drops grinds all over the counter. When you take the lid off, more coffee grounds jump off the container onto whatever you are over. I use a drip cone, and I now regularly have grounds in my coffee. Not a good thing, when you use all the coffee brewed. When you go to put back the ground coffee container, the coffee statically stuck to the top of the machine, falls onto the base and stops the container from properly sliding back into place. The indicator starts flashing until the grounds are cleaned out and the container put back in. I even tried putting a static sheet for the dryer around the container, with no improvement. When I contacted Cuisinart, they shrugged it off and said it wasn't a defect. When the grinder puts coffee grinds all over the counter, the grinder, and even in the brewed coffee. It may not be a defect, but it certainly is a major problem. Cuisinart's customer service rate's a zero. They don't care.

Mar 12, 2012
TorontoEastEndFoodie in Cookware

American Test Kitchen & Cooks Country Do Not Care About Canadians.

After trying on 3 different occasions, to sign up for their 14 day free trail for Cook's Country, I sent them an email telling them about the problem. I got an email back asking which website, and for my information. I sent off my information and waited over a week for a reply. Nothing happened except the automated reply. Other than that, I was ignored.
I decided to call them. The customer service lady, told me that the website has problems with the Canadian postal codes, even though they have Canadian provinces listed in the State abbreviations. She could help me sign up. That was, until I told her I wanted the 14 day trail, to see if it was worth it. She talked to her supervisor, and came back to tell me that Canadians cannot sign up for the trail membership. Any bonus offers, also do not apply to Canadians. I read on another Chowhound posting, that the free issue of Cook's Illustrated is only a promo brochure, not a regular issue anyway.
I enjoy the ATK shows that I see on WNED, out of Buffalo. I can even put up with the corny Chris Kimbell. I have learned some good tips and techniques, from the show. What I do not like is the constant emails that they send me about deals that they have already emailed me about. I also don’t like the fact that when you sign up to get this year’s recipes, they only give you part of the recipe. You get the chicken recipe, but not the pan sauce you make from the drippings. They call the recipe one name on the show, but list it under a different name, on the website.
The products they test, are not easily available in Canada.

Making chicken broth from bones

Too little sleep, too many windows, too little time.
Here's the link I meant to post.

PS: Made me laugh, and I felt kinda foolish too.
I even double checked the link. I guess that's why it seemed correct

Making chicken broth from bones

Broth vs Stock Try this link

Martha Stewart Bakes-new show

I must of missed that Martha Stewart "how to" on water buckets over the door.
What season was that?

Chicken Stock - Has anyone Roasted, Then Simmered on top of stove?

Great info. I guess I was always making broth.
Time to move on to stock, and see how that tastes.

Chicken Stock - Has anyone Roasted, Then Simmered on top of stove?

Just checked my profile. Less than 2 hours later, 10 replys and lots of great comments, and experience. Feels like I have my own professional chefs on call. Thank you all.

Chicken Stock - Has anyone Roasted, Then Simmered on top of stove?

From what I have read on this board under best chicken stock. Feet adds gelatin, but the meat in the backs adds extra flavour. One of the best tasting soups I made recently, I simmered feet, and backs leftover from cut up whole chickens. Veggies and salt can be added when using the stock later.
I've always made my stock on top of the stove. I was talking to a chinese friend, and she said that she roasted the bones before adding them to water and simmering on top of the stove. It sounds like it would add more flavour. Does anyone else do this?
How long do you simmer the bones? And at what heat setting?

I live in Toronto, with our ethnic diversity, chicken feet and backs are pretty easy to find. On the other hand, good butcher shops are getting harder to find.

How do I make a new Post

Thanks. Just had a quick look at the link. Looks to be a great souce of info. Will peruse when I have more time. I am really liking the helpful info, and the passion about food.

Martha Stewart Bakes-new show

Public television WNED out of Buffalo, usually shows cooking shows on Saturdays. They used to show Everyday Food. Martha's company produced the show. Martha, was rarely on it. It had 3 or 4 recipes with a theme, ie chicken recipes. I thought it was one of the better shows. I liked the recipes, and I learned a lot of interesting things I hadn't heard before. WNED have been rotating different shows, from 11am to about 3pm. If I'm going out I will use the VCR (still old school) and tape the shows to watch at another time. One show that is still on is at 1:00 is American Test Kitchen. This is a really great cooking show, they find ways to make recipes just as tasty, but with less fat. They also tell you why you need to add certain ingredients and what they do. They taste test different brands of canned tomatoes, for example, and then rate how they and the other testers liked the taste of the products, as a segment in the show. They use USA products, but you can get some of them in Canada also. They also do a kitchen gadget section where they test out, different manufacturers products to find the the best skillet or garlic press. Both Everyday food and Am Test Kitchen have web sites that you can get current season recipes off of. They are websites that I get recipes off of regularly. Great choice for people with only regular cable.

Storing Hothouse Cucumbers

Cucumbers should be in paper bag, or loose in the crisper. They slowly give off their moisture, and if you leave them in the plastic, the moisture causes them to go slimy, or cause indented soft spots. when you cut into them you will see a watery darker flesh on the outside edges, where they have gone off. I just cut off the darker areas if it is slighly mushy. If you are talking about the shorter, thicker skinned cuc's. I find that if they have just started to get slimy, you can just rinse them off, using your hand to rub the skin down, to clean them off. Use a paper towel to dry them off and leave them on the counter to make sure they are dry, before you put them back in the fridge. You will need to use them up sooner rather than later. If you are talking about english cucumber's ( thinner and longer), once they get slimy or indented, you will have to cut off the blemished area, Personally I like the skin on the cuc's. In Toronto, I can usually get the smaller pickling cucumbers, or even the small english cuc's almost all year. I can eat a whole one in a salad or on a sandwich, with the skin on giving you more cucumber flavour. The thicker skinned cuc's can be scored with a fork, along the length of the cuc, before cutting, to break up the skin to make it easier to digest. It also looks flowerlike, and decorative.
You have to watch the shorter thicker skinned cuc's, in the winter months. They can have a thin coating of wax on them to keep the moisture in, so they will last longer. We get that sometimes with apples, and even peppers.

How do I make a new Post

I guess I got confused with the fact that when I used the search, it didn't come back with anything. I tried rephrasing the question, and was not getting anything relevent. Because I had already opened up a posted thread, there was not a "Add a new post" button at the top of the page. When I closed all the posted threads, I finally got to the main Ontario Board page and found the Add a new Post button. I'm very suprised that this site doesn't have a basic how the site is set up link. The Newbie thread wasn't much of a help at all. Thank you for your help. I have figured it out.

How do I make a new Post

Ok, I've done a search for Customer Service, and not found a thread relating to this. I want to post to the Ontario Board. How do I do it. I'm a newbie to posting, but have been a fan of the site for a while. Any help would be appreciated. Nowhere in the search comes up with anything vaguely helpful. The "new to Chowhound" has a link that is broken. I've spent the last half hour searching, and am no further ahead. I can't even find a link to the "ChowhoundTeam". HELP