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Newish Restaurant in Wallingford CT

I feel they should have the lunch menu available for those who do not want to spend alot on the Dinner menu.
The prices are way to high for Wallingford .
Then again it seems they are going for a very different crowd one that is more upscale which is ok if thats what your looking to do.

Wallingford CT Breakfast Spots What is your Favorite

I left out one important place in Wallingford known for there Breakfast Tom's Restuarant
33 Hall Ave, Wallingford, CT 06492-3549
Tel: (203) 949-8077
Locals in Wallingford would know Toms which has been around for years .

Wallingford CT Breakfast Spots What is your Favorite

Wallingford ,CT is known for some good places to have Breakfast.
We used to have Annies on Center St but they went out of Business a few years ago.
It was always a popular spot .
These days there are other places that have popped up over the years know for good prices and that serve a hearty Breakfast.
Here is a list of Wallingford Restaurants that serve Breakfast .What is your favorite and would you at least try some on the list that you have never had Breakfast at?
My favorites are Dads and The Dry Dock .
1.)Abbott & Cassello's
339 N. Colony St.
Wallingford CT. 06492
Phone: 203-949-9477
2.)Captain Seas
905 N. Colony Rd.
Wallingford CT. 06492
Phone: 203-265-9336
3.)Carini's Restaurant
822 A E. Center Street
Wallingford, CT 06492
4.)Colony Diner & Restaurant
611 N. Colony Rd.
Wallingford CT. 06492
Phone: 203-269-9507
5.)Dad's Restaurant
740 N. Colony Rd.
Wallingford CT. 06492
Phone: 203-265-4868
6.)Half Moon Coffee & Grime Cafe
50 N Main St
Wallingford CT. 06492
Phone: 203-265-4571
833 E. Center St
Wallingford CT. 06492
Phone: 203-741-1027
8.)M.J. Dukes
684 N. Colony Rd.
Wallingford CT. 06492
Phone: 203-679-002
9.)Neptune House Restaurant & Diner
1086 N. Colony Rd.
Wallingford CT. 06492
Phone: 203-269-9317
10).Rick's on 5
765 N. Colony Rd.
Wallingford CT. 06492
Phone: 203-294-0231
11).Sara J's Deli
7 Ward St.
Wallingford CT. 06492
Phone: 203-626-5611
11).The Redwood Grill
180 S. Turnpike Rd.
Wallingford CT. 06492
Phone: 203-284-9651
12.) Tatas Restaurant
Let us do the Work!
104 Quinnipiac St
Wallingford, CT 0649
13.) The Dry Dock. 68-1/2 Quinnipiac Ave.
Wallingford, CT 09492.
Well this is my list of mainly local places not chain restaurants I wanted to keep it local .

Tatas Restaurant
104 Quinnipiac St, Wallingford, CT 06492

Dry Dock
215 Main St, Norwalk, CT 06851

J's Deli
100 Washington St, Attleboro, MA 02703

Center St Cafe
140 Center St, Shelton, CT 06484


I have not tired Pizzetta Pizza but will now that the snow is almost gone .Then I can compare that to Mangos which I love . If you need Pizzetta website here it is

7 Water St Ste 1, Mystic, CT 06355


Mystic Pizza is not worth it,My family and I tried it last year and the Pizza is terrible.
Now we also tried Mangos Wood Fired Pizza at Old Mystic Village.
Now that was great Pizza thin crust and tasted close to New Haven Thin Crusted Pizza like Modern or Pepe's.
My feeling is this forget Mystic Pizza and just go to Mangos.
I found there website aswell .
Mystic is good if you are a tourist and do not know any better about where the good local Pizza is at and think thats what good pizza is .

Mystic Pizza
56 W Main St, Mystic, CT 06355

Great Steamed Cheeseburgers At The Dry Dock Coffee House-Wallingford,CT

I have only had a Steamed Cheeseburger once at a place called Teds in Meriden,CT.
I was not overly impressed .
I was at a place called The Dry Dock for some nice accoustic music and my wife and I decided to try a Steamed Cheeseburger that was on the menu.
They have one of the original Steram Cheeseburger Ovens and I was notsure how the Burger would taste.When we got the Steamed Cheeseburgers I was very impressed took my first bite and I was hooked . It was cooked right and very juicey and the cheese was excellent on top of this burger.
In Wallingford and the area there are a few places that sell Steamed Cheeseburgers.
Its become the wave for alot of places.
The Dry Dock Coffee House I believe is better then the Famous Teds in Meriden,CT.
At least in my opinion.
I normally just eat regular Burgers not Steamed, but now I will have a great Steamed Cheeseburger
with the fries when I go to the Dry Dock Coffee House
If you do not know where The Dry Dock is located at it's 8-1/2 Quinnipiac Ave in
Wallingford, CT 09492 near the Railroad Station. Phone 203-626-5560.
The Dry Dock Coffee House has a nice menu and prices are very resonable.
They also serve breakfast all day and night.
Also they have Live Musicans on Friday Nights .
So you can eat relax and hear some great Singer Songwriters aswell.