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Organic Mangos 50 Cents In Bernal Heights

they only carry organic avocados and have kept them 99 cents. I think all stores are going up fast because of an avocado shortage right now. I didn't buy an avocado this week but they had strawberries for 98 cents a pint and 1.49 for a box. Some really good deals as spring starts to bring new fruits.

Good life had $1.95 for organic avocados and 1.99 for conventional bigger ones.

What's in and near Bernal Heights?

Here is my corner store on the side of Bernal facing downtown. 3216 Folsom St.
Grass fed beef, vegan options, fresh organic produce. It's a new ownership team that took it over. Harvest Hills is their new name but the store still says Cancillas on the outside.

Organic Mangos 50 Cents In Bernal Heights

They had organic blueberries today for 89 cents a box. Found their new website at has a cute video of the store..

Organic Mangos 50 Cents In Bernal Heights

I found organic mangos at a new place in Bernal Heights. It used to be Cancillas Market and is now Harvest Hills. It's a medium sized store near Precita Park that had organic kale, organic spices and some really great prices on avocados. The owner said they work hard with the organic producers to bring specials to market each week. You might check them out if you are in the area. 3216 Folsom St just up from Caesar Chaves on Folsom.