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Best Authenthic Sushi House Toronto

What is your number 1 choice when it comes to sushi restaurant in Toronto? I'm talking about sushi / sashimi ONLY. Be it Omakase, or order what you like, I'm talking about the MOST selection of NOT ordinary (salmon, tuna, white tuna). I'm talking about the real deal, Tsukiji style...which restaurant would come to your mind? I've been to them all, Hiro, Kaji,,,NONE of them can compare to anything, even the cheapest restaurant at Tsukiji! If money is not a problem, and the chief is actually willing to go the extra mile for you if you request, which one will it be???

Buying great olive oil

Anyone know where to get the cheapest organic olive oil in the GTA? Doesn't have to be extra virgin, as long as it's organic olive oil.

I need it for making soap, and I need liters upon liters of them. A 18L container won't even last me a week.