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Wheat Free, Gluten Free, Celiac Safe Restaurants or Cafe's in Chicago

love roti - their GF pitas are better than the reg (or so my friends tell me I only eat the gf ones)...I was so impressed i asked where they get them from...Rose' gf bakery in evanston (of course!) :)

Jul 01, 2011
nuttmegs17 in Chicago Area

The Gluten-free trend........ Why?


I'm in the throws of being diagnosed. To actually be diagnosed medically as a celiac is often trickey. There are a lot of false negatives from what I understand. A person may eliminate gluten and feel better and then when they think to get tested they are told to eat it again or else they wont get an accurate reading of how their body is reacting processes gluten. Many will not subject their bodies to that type of pain/damage and so forgo an official diagnosis.

i have a history of autoimmune diesease and all of my current symptons (much like your friend) are so sever they reminded me of my previous illness. They have since ruled that out and the most likly suspect at this point is celiac. We will see.

I'm happy even if others are "faking" gluten intolerance as it's made many more restaurants aware and encouraged better labeling and options for those who are really suffering. When i did the elimination part of being diagnosed, i was confused and frustrated enough trying to eat out - if this was happening to me 15 years ago, i honestly would have been at the end of my rope

Mar 05, 2011
nuttmegs17 in Not About Food