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5 Guys Burgers- Woodbridge

Pictures from my visit. Fries were great, burger was huge.

5 Guys Burgers- Woodbridge

I went to a location in Calgary the other month. I stayed away from the cheese, it's your typical processed cheese slice offering. I was disappointed with the grilled mushrooms, they were of the canned variety.

Overall though, good burger. Mine was juicy, and as a whole I couldn't complain. You could tell the pattys were hand-formed and fresh. We split a large order of fries between four people--there were still leftovers.

Not sure about this location, but the one in Calgary will allow you to bring your own gluten free bun. They won't toast it for you, company policy, but they'll give you your meat and fixings to assemble yourself. My mother, who is celiac, preferred this anyway--there was less a chance of anything touching a bun.