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Henry's (Ballston Spa) - anyone been?

FDR, I believe I've mentioned elsewhere that the Crazy Cow has been replaced by Local 388 Burger Bar. Same building, local sources as much as possible, meat from Sander's Market, turkey and chicken burgers included on the menu, bottled craft beers from many local brewers, pie from Smith's Orchard Bake Shop, and bread from Rock Hill Bakery.

I've been there twice in the past two months and am confident we'll return again. You really should check it out and let us know how the turkey burger is. We've tried beef, bison, and vegie varieties so far and been pleased. They even make their own soda and their fries are very good too.

Is there ANY good ethnic restaurant food in Albany?

Mingle on Delaware Av has just announced it is closed as of 4/26/15. The Chef will now be at the Mingle on the Avenue location in Saratoga Springs where Korean dishes will still be prepared.

Mingle on the Avenue coming to Saratoga

Change in chefs announced for Mingle on the Avenue.

Capital District Sandwich Guide (April 2015)

First, let me mention a sandwich that might not be on the new Spring/Summer menu that started today at T.C. Paris French bakery. The Croque Monsieur - Niman Ranch ham, on their 'Pan de Compagne' bread, with white wine dijon mustard, creamy Bechamel sauce, and imported cage-aged Gruyere. They grill it and then finish it off under the broiler. It will be worth the wait until Fall if necessary.

Second, and more likely to be a surprise because of the location, Lucky Joe's Build Your Own Deli Sandwich, specifically, the Turkey, Habanero Jack, on Wheat bread with lettuce, tomato, & mayonnaise. You'll find Lucky Joe's in the Saratoga Racino.

Capital Region Mexican

Great to hear, AmyH. They are my sole source of La Escondida tortillas.

Mama Mia's taking over Jack Dillon's Farm to Fork Cuisine [Saratoga Springs]

The Times Union is reporting that the owner of Mama Mia's Pizza & Cafe is taking over the South Broadway restaurant, Jack Dillon's Farm to Fork Cuisine, and turning it into an American steak and seafood restaurant to be called Bravo. An early to mid-May opening is planned.


Capital Region Mexican

Thanks for that update, AmyH, I'll see if I can get there to check it out again.

Capital Region Mexican

I'll agree with La Mexicana in Schenectady, https://www.facebook.com/pages/La-Mex...
and also suggest the Mexican Market at 654 Central Av in Albany which looks like a "dive" but has good food and the small family run experience similar to La Mexicana.

Breakfast in Saratoga Springs

The Crazy Cow has been replaced by the Local 388 Burger Bar.http://www.dishrestaurants.com/Bar-an...
and Facebook:

Their commitment on Facebook to serve "grass fed USDA Prime Angus beef burgers. We use locally sourced produce, cheeses and bakeries for our delicious burgers, hand cut french fries, cool & crunchy salads...even our house ketchup" sounds promising.

I think they've only been open about a month.

Saratoga Springs; Off-Season Visit; 4.2015 Need Recommendations

I agree with Elisa515 and especially jaylhorner! But you also may want to consider Sweet Mimi's Cafe and Bakery (Phila St) for breakfast and Mingle on the Avenue (Lake Av) for dinner. Mingle is also open for breakfast, but I can't speak from experience about it.

Lake Placid

Not having been to many of those listed, I would try to include:
1. Chair 6 (you have)
2. Liquids & Solids (been there)
3. Artisans (recommended by a chef-friend I respect)
#?. LP Pub & Brewery (just another nice pub with good brew that I have to always visit, but keep it in mind if you just want a drink and enjoy craft beer)

Lake Placid

There is a discussion here that is a few years old, http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/8088...

But more recently Chair 6 is still getting excellent comments and not mentioned in that discussion is Liquids and Solids. Also, Artisans at the Lake Placid Lodge. For pub food, Lake Placid Pub & Brewery. Hopefully, others will jump in here to confirm and add to these suggestions.

Is Gus' Hot Dogs Still Around? [Watervliet, NY]

While I can't say for sure, I'd be willing to bet the farm that they are not related. Looking at the Facebook page for the Plattsburgh location would lead me to believe that "Gus's Red Hots Inc" is in a totally different league!!! https://www.facebook.com/GusRedHots

Just look at the photos for the Watervliet location as posted on Urbanspoon. http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/79/795621... Is this what you remember, MisterMike?

Is Gus' Hot Dogs Still Around? [Watervliet, NY]

Yes, Gus's Hot Dogs is still around and a favorite of many. Its address is still:
212 25th St
Watervliet, NY 12189
(518) 273-8743

Sri Siam – Albany area

BKK was very good also. They had some early kinks that they were working out, but again, the place was large so they needed to draw a larger clientele in order to stay in business.

Sri Siam – Albany area

The relative ease of parking for Sri Siam or Sadudee is a significant factor, however another small comfortable Thai place that otherwise fits the bill with very enjoyable Thai food and warm, welcoming service is Kinnaree on Lark Street in Albany. I've written about all three of them on Yelp.

Jack Dillon's Farm to Fork cuisine (Saratoga)

Thank you jaylhorner for the additional details.

Jack Dillon's Farm to Fork cuisine (Saratoga)

For those who may not be aware, Jack Dillon's has closed for the 2015 Winter season. They have posted on their web site that they will be back in the Spring. http://www.jackdillons.com/

Javier's (nuevo Latin in Saratoga Springs)

I agree with your comments, davmar77. I can't help but believe that the total size of the venue, both inside and outside, the lack of nearby parking, and the distance from the main drag, were all contributing factors.

Finally! Korean BBQ in Colonie/Albany!

I concur with AmyH about the level of spiciness that they provided. The hot sauce that came with my Bibim Bop, when tasted by itself, seemed like it might be OK if I added all of it to the dish. But it was like I didn't add any spice after mixing everything together.

We're likely to visit again in the future, but I think the novelty of having staff BBQ for you at your table will wear off faster than the teppanyaki chefs at the Japanese restaurants.

My more detailed comments are available on the Yelp perspective.

Javier's (nuevo Latin in Saratoga Springs)

This was somewhat surprising news today from the Table Hopping blog that Javier's would be closing on Saturday.


Finally! Korean BBQ in Colonie/Albany!

I was there yesterday, and didn't ask if we could BYO because I learned a few years ago that an establishment that has a license request pending with the SLA is not allowed to offer BYO. The specific instance that I'm aware of resulted in an establishment's pending request being pulled without their knowledge when the SLA found out that the restaurant was offering BYO.

Staff at Namu did tell me that they do plan on getting a license.

I haven't had a chance yet to write my comments on our experience.

La Cosina mexican - Lake George/Glens Falls

As noted on El Mexicano's web page, http://www.elmexicanorestaurant.com/, they do have a second location but it is the one located in Saratoga Springs at 208 South Broadway.

La Cosina mexican - Lake George/Glens Falls

Thanks, Fisher, they have been on our to-do list for over a year. Now we're really looking forward to getting there. Looks and sounds delicious.

Lake George and Surrounding area(s) - Thanksgiving 2014

Rare Earth Wine Bar will be open for Thanksgiving.

Next Door Kitchen and Bar, Ballston Spa

The new TU Food Critic is cutting her teeth on the Next Door Kitchen & Bar.

And seems very pleased.

Saratoga Springs

Took my wife to Sweet Mimi's for her birthday breakfast. They offer both a mild and dark roast coffee. Both were good. We chose two pancake dishes from the daily specials. My wife's two buttermilk pancakes were "studded with all natural ham, diced scallions, grilled then topped with 2 farm fresh eggs." I opted for the Cinnamon Roll Pancakes that had a layer of cinnamon/sugar filling in between the two pancakes, a drizzle of glaze, and whipped cream on the side. My side order of sausage came from Garofalo's in Schenectady.

Both dishes were excellent, I'd go back in a heartbeat. I'd like to try some of their egg dishes and baked goods.

My only downside was the din of 13 women talking at roughly five other tables. I was the only male in the dining room. I received a nice response from the owner on my Yelp review informing me that Monday's and Wednesdays are the more quiet days. ;-)

Saratoga Springs

Thanks, coldbeer, for the update. The stools were not being reserved the last time I was there, but as is very obvious, the space is truly "snug." I believe I may have read that the construction of their outdoor patio may also be yielding a larger kitchen, which in turn may free up some additional space in the dining area. Even if all this is true, the impact may be negligible during the non-alfresco seasons.

Now you have given me a reason to visit Sweet Mimi's! ;-)

Saratoga Springs

The thread that davmar77 provided is a good start, but it does not include comments for the last two years. Newer restaurants that you may not want to miss are:
Javier's Nuevo Latino http://www.javiersny.com/
15 Church http://www.15churchrestaurant.com/
Mingle on the Avenue http://www.minglerestaurants.com/sara...

Yes, there may be others too, but I'll leave them for others to mention. Be sure to let us know where you decide to go and what your opinion is.

Mexican in Kingston NY

Thank you, spector49.