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Visiting Tulane - Any Suggestions for Dessert?

I would definitely recommend "The Sweet Palate" on St. Louis Street. Place has a wonderful selection of chocolates from the "KING Pastry Chef" Oriol Balaguer, Dandoy Biscuits (my personal fav ;)) and wonderful Gelato that is all natural. A MUST GO!!!

Jun 26, 2012
cravingsnola in New Orleans

Sweet Tooth in the FQ

Any recommendations on where I can get some yummy desserts in the FQ (outside of a restaurant)? I love gelato, pastries, and ESPECIALLY chocolate!

Apr 07, 2011
cravingsnola in New Orleans


I was just walking through the Quarter today and saw a sign for a new shop called “The Sweet Palate”. This is a new location from their shop in Manhattan which carries chocolate from World Champion Oriol Balaguer. I have had his chocolates when I was in Spain and they are amazing ( Too bad they are not opening till May, as the Mascleta piece with the Pop-Rocks inside is perfect for Mardi Gras. Will definitely be checking them out once they open –

Mar 04, 2011
cravingsnola in New Orleans