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Can anyone help id these noodles?

Thanks, I will definitely check that out!

Can anyone help id these noodles?

Sigh...I guess this will just have to remain a fond memory and a reason to go back to Hong Kong. It was truly a spectacular bowl of spicy goodness, Thanks, all! :)

Can anyone help id these noodles?

That last pic DOES look like what I ate. Google translated that section to read:

6. Sichuan dan dan noodles - peanut oil taste espresso, Blessed are those who love peanut, sweet peanut soup cut direct Chili, and up to belong to ordinary Chili acceptable level, only a little buzz . ramen noodles are eaten up by artificial unity relatively Q, have more bite. I would recommend for the necessary test materials

Not entirely sure what that means!

pepper_mil, I probably shouldn't have mentioned that it might contain fish sauce since it actually did not taste fishy at all. I just meant that I don't know if it truly was vegetarian although it seemed to be.

Maybe dan dan noodles are different depending on region? Hmm...

Can anyone help id these noodles?

Thanks, it seems that most of the dan dan noodles I see are done with pork, so I have hope to hear some are not. Are dan dan noodles made as a soup ever?

I have seen "lai mein" a few places and that seems to ring a bell. Could that be a possibility?

I am hopelessly ignorant and am trying to bring myself up to speed quickly. I am thinking I may start lurking at Chinese restaurants and trying all the spicy noodle soups!

Can anyone help id these noodles?

I'm hoping someone here can help me out. I just got back from my first trip to Hong Kong and am already craving a chili noodle soup dish I had at Crystal Jade at Harbour City in Kowloon. I am almost certain that it was item #72, but am unable to find a menu on their website ( or elsewhere online to get a name. I live in Orange County, CA and am hoping to either find something close or a recipe so I can make it at home. I believe Crystal Jade has a location in LA, but I am holding off making the trek until I have time for a day trip. The noodle soup was medium spicy (maybe chili paste?) and had a rich broth with sesame seeds and green onions. There was no obvious meat in it, but it may possibly had some fish sauce or broth. Seriously, this was one of the best, comfort noodle soups I have had in my life and am really ready to repeat the experience!

Cucumber Martini at Luxor's Aurora?

OK, I am kicking myself for not looking at the ingredient list again after tasting the Cucumber Martini at Luxor's Aurora bar. I don't even remember the exact name of the drink. It was very light and refreshing, but definitely a strong drink. I am pretty sure it had rock candy syrup in it, it was served in a martini glass garnished with only a cucumber slice, and it was perfectly clear. This sounds close, but is lacking the rock candy syrup:
It is possibly the same, but I am not convinced.

I don't even need proportions, but I would love to know what was in it. I have done Google searches and have found widely varying recipes for cucumber martinis.

Any ideas?

Jun 20, 2007
fachowna in Las Vegas

Solo dining near the Fairmont in Dallas?

Anything good near the Fairmont hotel downtown? Anything where I could comfortable reading a book and sitting by myself. Nothng too formal or prententious please. A last minute change of plans means I will be on my own for dinner tonight and don't want to waste it on a crappy meal. Please also include any good lunch areas near there or the convention center. Thanks!

Jun 25, 2006
fachowna in Texas