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Too late to order Turkey?
for a turkey that is REALLY free range and really grown right here in Massachusetts :)
She recently posted on facebook that they were still taking orders.

CSAs - Delivering to the South Shore?

I don't pickup at Quincy, but Stillman's has been realy nice about letting ,me switch out items I don't feel like dealing with that week. I love the different eggplant, but sometimes I'd rather swap my corn for more tomatoes or something. So far they've been nice about it. I will say, if you can get the owner (Farmer Glen), or his son, and not a volunteer helping out at distribution, you can usually get whatever you like!!! I should also add that I don't have time to spend time at the farm either, and they don't require it, but they do invite members out to the farm to pick their own raspberries or apples adn I hope to do that someday ;)

Help! Historic/colonial restaurant in MA with GOOD food? [moved from Boston]

Salem Cross has a beautiful setting and there are a couple private rooms (20 would be a little cozy), but don't expect any fancy fare...they are all over the prime rib and baked or mashed potatoes though! It is certainly worth a call to see what rooms, or even if the downstairs tavern are available.
Perhaps you might also check out the Oliver Wright Tavern at Old Sturbridge Village. It is not the tavern actually within the Village. They are open for lunch, dinner on Weekends, host tea parties, receptions... the menu is a little more interesting than Salem Cross and ambiance in lovely, though more 1800's vs 1700's.

What are my options for local meat?

I just heard at the last meat meet that Stillmans was hooking up with MetroPedal Power for meat orders as well as vegetable orders in season...I've been picking up my meat and veggie CSA from them during the summer, but if this news is true, I may ask if I can get both delivered!
I bought half a beef from Stillman's last year and picked it up at the slaughter house in Athol; it was frozen (never thought to ask to get it fresh), but it turned out to be a good thing when I was loading it into the freezer :~} ...not sure how long it would have taken to get the whole lot frozen otherwise!

Where to buy rabbit in Metrowest?

Stillmans at the Turkey Farm just started offering rabbit. You probably should email the farm to check availability because I haven't actually seen them at any of the markets, but thought I read it in a newsletter.