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Who loves Trader Joes?

To all the Cali locals, I am a huge trader joe's fan. Yummy products, reasonable prices. They are always coming up with new and innovative products? Any yummy items that are your favorite? Share and post them here.....

Sep 12, 2007
noyoudiint in Chains

Zuni Cafe for Brunch

Just returned from a fabulous trip to San francisco. Zuni Cafe was a suggestion I had heard more than once from lots of people. Must say, I wasn't all that impressed. The caesar salad was very tasty, the little gem salad with beets, was alright, the heirloom tomato soup was too tangy and the blackberry french toast was good. Service was ok. It took a while to get the soup and french toast after we finished the salads. Nice decor, cool open kitchen..but either than that...probably wouldn't go back....

Visiting San Francisco

Hello! Any suggestions for fine dining in San Francisco? Possibly California Cuisine? Visiting San Francisco for the very first time this weekend..