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Cutting/peeling butternut squash

Buy peeled, cut up squash ready to cook at Trader Joe's or Costco. Caroline1 has the right idea!

Oct 04, 2013
danceforjoy in Home Cooking

Coffee-Rubbed Grilled Pork Tenderloin

I've been doing a version of this for several years... but with coffee beans ground as finely as I can get 'em, and New Mex chile powder in place of the paprika. Proceed as above. Seriously good and couldn't be easier.

Jul 26, 2013
danceforjoy in Recipes

Best Apples for Apple Pie?

A bit more caramelized, but not by much; definitely a good solid apple flavor. I'm using the unsulfured dried fruit from the bulk bins in the market, so they've darkened during drying; I've never tried it with the lighter dried "brand name" apples that have been treated to preserve (or prevent) color. Forgot to mention above: juice and zest of a large lemon is a MUST. Trick is not to cook this much - just enough to reconstitute the fruit and thicken the syrup. It will bake up in the oven.

Nov 11, 2012
danceforjoy in Home Cooking

Best Apples for Apple Pie?

This may sound like heresy, but... I use dried Granny Smith apples for my apple pies. It's so terribly easy that I've never looked back. I often add a generous handful of dried cranberries, enough water just to cover the dried fruit, plus sugar, cinnamon, and a little flour. Bring up to a boil, stir for a minute or so, then turn it off, add a couple tbsp. butter, and let it stand while making the crust. Gorgeous mile-high pies without losing a drop, and couldn't be tastier.

Nov 09, 2012
danceforjoy in Home Cooking

The Best Pizza Stones for Home Ovens

One word: FibraMent, seen here: I've had various ceramic stones, and they were... okay, better than none. All were round. This one comes in various sizes or they will custom cut. If this thing were human I'd want to date it. I've baked breads directly on it with gorgeous results, and any other kind of oven baking you can imagine - I make wedding cakes (hobby for friends/family at cost) and this SOLVES the problem of uneven baking of large layers - I preheat to a higher temp while making the cake batter, then cut the oven temp down to 325 deg F and put the pans (wrapped in strips of wet towel) directly on the stone, again with gorgeous and uniform results. My 17" x 20" FibraMent stone rests permanently on my oven rack, leaving a little space around the edges for circulation. I was a little put off by the instructions about the initial curing and "out-gassing," but after a LOT of research decided to go with this anyway, and have had such great results that I'll never be without it. Color me thrilled!

Sep 14, 2012
danceforjoy in Features

Bread baking supplies?

SanFrancisco Baking Institute can't be beat: . Not sure what they charge for shipping, and it's not a "click-n-buy" business - you'll have to call them. But they know their stuff, and it's a worthy cause besides.

Other possibilities might be Fantes: , or the aptly named . Fantes has more shapes than I ever knew existed, and are an old and reliable company...

Good luck in your search, and if you know a good place for linen bakers' couches... I'd love to know it!

Mar 03, 2011
danceforjoy in Austin