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where have all the jewish delis gone?

thanks all for the recommendations. if anyone is interested, i went to pomperdales, as it was relatively close to where i was. not a rascal house/pumpernick's experience -- no rolls on the table, but a regular deli, with huge sandwiches, decent matzah ball soup, ok knishes, and pretty good brisket. and i raised a can of diet Dr. Brown's Black cherry in memory of my grandparents and to places like these old delis.

where have all the jewish delis gone?

As a girl visiting the grandparents in Hollywood in the 70s and 80s, I had many happy meals in places like wolfie's, the rascal house, and pumpernick's. Now, after decades away, i'm paying my respects to my gram and Gramps and wonder if anyone has a rec for a like place--pickles and bread basket on table, awesome corned beef, etc-- in the Boca/pompano/ft Lauderdale area?

What Is America's Worst Restaurant Chain?

oh no -- the worst chain, hands down -- CiCi's Pizza. it's bad AND it's nationwide. as a girl who grew up in NJ and who knows pizza, i must share the caveat that when i refer to the food there as pizza, it is only because that is what they call it. i, on the other hand, call it frisbee topped with nondescript liquid substance.

anywho. a cheeep pizza/salad/dessert buffet. a variety of pizzas, and i'm being generous by calling them such, which could be relatively interchangeable in terms of their blandness. sometimes, they put mac and cheese or other pastas on top of the pizza in order to show how hip and upscale they can pretend to be. and dessert? my kids have actually turned up their noses at the brownies and cinnamon rolls... though they seem to like the apple pie-like substance that is served on...wait for it... pizza dough.

Venue for a Bat Mitzvah Reception - NoVA


Venue for a Bat Mitzvah Reception - NoVA

thanks -- really helpful! (and hope you had a great time!)

Venue for a Bat Mitzvah Reception - NoVA


am trying to figure out a place to throw a party -- not an over-the-top thing, but a nice dinner and dancing -- for about 125 folks. hoping to find a place in the arlington/falls church/mclean/alexandria corridor, though willing to go a little farther afield in VA for the right place. obviously, decent food would be important <VBG>.

conversely, if you know of a great venue where i'd need to hire caterers, would be delighted to hear catering recs (or pans.)

money *is* an object; would like something nice, but this *is* a party for a 13 year old, and we're not looking to end up as one of the absurd party shows on MTV ;-)