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Who's familiar with old San Francisco restaurants?

So much great information, thanks so much!

My mom confirms that what she remembered as "House of India" was actually "India House", which I found in that great source of old SF photographs that Gordon Wing linked to:

Who's familiar with old San Francisco restaurants?

Hey Chowhounders,

My mom and her friends have been reminiscing about places they used to go in the 60's, so she sent me a list and asked me to find out a bit about whether or not they are still around and what may have happened to them. Many are still around (Tadich, House of Prime Rib), a few more are fondly remembered (The Hippo), but there are a few names I was not able to find anything about.

Does anyone know what happened to these? (spelling may not be quite right)

Shadows – by Coit tower
Townsend’s – downtown
Doro’s on Lombard
House of India
Grissoms – Van Ness

Thanks so much!

House of Prime Rib
1906 Van Ness Ave., San Francisco, CA 94109