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Paris Itinerary assistance please

Hi Stella,

I think it's been mentioned here before but I was able to get threw by calling around 7-7:30pm. Right before dinner service starts. I would just keep trying every 10-15min. It took a few days but I finally got through. Just be persistent.

Be prepared to ask in French if you can speak in english as a courtesy.


Mar 11, 2011
Ek711 in France

Paris Itinerary assistance please

Thanks Parigi sounds like a great idea. And finally got through to Frenchie and am all set for Mon!

Mar 03, 2011
Ek711 in France

Paris Itinerary assistance please


My girlfriend and I will be touring Europe in April with our final stop in Paris for three nights. So far I've gotten a pretty good idea of where we would like to go from reading this forum but wanted to get some feedback for the last day.

Mon - Dinner at Frenchies
Tues - Dinner at Le Spring
Wed - Lunch at Le Cinq, dinner at Le Regalade

Would Wed be a sensory overload? This will be our last full day in Paris so I felt we should "go big". Should we just stick to just one?

Is the lineup too similar in styles? I appreciate any criticisms or suggestions.



Mar 02, 2011
Ek711 in France