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Urban Legends of Le Tub

Haha! Sure let me put my suit of armor on and try it.

Urban Legends of Le Tub

Whenever I have out of town guests, I take them to Le Tub. 99% of the time I have a good experience and the burger is still the best in town. Every time I go, I'm fascinated by the various urban legends/rumors I hear about that place (e.g., the owners hate being busy, they once took the burger off the menu for two years, etc.)

It got me wondering...what rumors have you heard about our celebrated dive? Do you know if they're true or not?

Le Tub
1100 N Ocean Dr, Hollywood, FL 33019

Gulfstream Village Park in Hallandale -- any good eats?

Thanks for the suggestions. I ended up trying Brio. My God, the food there is unbelievably bad. I cannot understand how crowded that place gets. Why? Why?!
I gasped when they brought out a trough of carpaccio, nearly larger than the table. Ha! The sauces are prison-quality and the red wine was served boiling hot. And the risotto, forget it! How they can call that dish risotto is beyond me.
But hey, at least the Gulfstream is pulling in a bit of business.

Really, really, really good chicken wings?

I tried the grilled garlic wings at Wilton and thought they were pretty good. My complaints are they don't use enough sauce and the minced garlic is straight out of the jar. Next time I will try a different flavor and request extra wet.
I'm surprised to read recommendations for Bru's room, but I've never tried them. I will give the other suggestions a go too.

Really, really, really good chicken wings?

I'm in Broward but am willing to drive a ways.

Really, really, really good chicken wings?

Where can I find them?

Gulfstream Village Park in Hallandale -- any good eats?

I'm heading to Gulfstream Village and wanted to hit up a restaurant (non-chain). Is there anything good?

Best place to take Mom for Brunch

What about a brunch place that is also good for small kids? Are there any places around that has stuff to entertain the kids?

Best place to take Mom for Brunch

Mama is coming to visit and I need to impress her with a nice brunch. Any suggestions for somewhere in Broward or Palm Beach?

Best unique french fries

I'm looking for suggestions for the best place to find unique and tasty french fries. Ideas?

Good French Restaurant Broward/Palm Beach?

Anyone know of a nice French Restaurant in the area?

Fish mongers in Broward area?

Where is a good place to get fresh local seafood?

Any recent restaurant closures or openings in Broward area?

Seems like I'm not hearing much about places going out of business or a lot of new places going up in broward/palm beach area? Anything interesting? (I heard about Rocco's tacos and Dos Caminos)