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Really Dumb Food...!

Oh man! B&M brown bread is SO GOOD. Toss it on the fire (in the fire at our age) and off again in ten, handle with care, slice with the can top, smother in margarine or butter and drip yourself into paradise... :)

Now I'm hungry for some! :)

Really Dumb Food...!

For those of us without a spice rack, it's well worth the price. I use that many spices maybe once in ten years (I live on curry and dill thank you), so it is worth two bucks or so to have just enough to do the trick when I want something more complex.

Really Dumb Food...!

Just one word:


Picked right (when tapped next to your ear, the sound should be clear, know! And the idiot who puts fingernails through the skin should be shot on sight.), these are THE BEST apples I think I've ever had. Absolutely incredibly crunchy with juice to wet your shirt that is so good you might suck on your shirt to get it all....A grower friend (sadly not close enough to pull a raid) says to also look for the intensity of yellow in the skin for best flavor; I like my method better, I think.

But all year I hold back a little cash, just waiting for that first sign in the store: HONEYCRISP. And then I go nuts. I buy and eat ten pounds at a time and go back every couple of days for more. I put not-quite-ripes into the plastic produce bags and let them sit in the dark for 2-3 days and then OMG yum.... NEVER refrigerate these apples. Season is relatively short despite the fact that they store well.

Now...heirloom apples are so awesome, it's fantastic to get the chance to buy a real assortment and then sample your little heart I plan to do this next season. Maybe I'll find yet another apple I can't live without! :)

Really Dumb Food...!

Raised beds with plenty of bunny poo do WONDERS for that issue... :) AND you get worms to fry up as a bonus! :) :) :)

What is the one item you always leave Costco with?

I would rethink the chicken strip jerky treats--regardless of testing results, the ones from China are still linked to dog illnesses and deaths. :(

RAW chicken bones are fine unless your dog is a gulper (in which case feeding frozen is one of several management choices). My coydog will not keep weight on without raw in her diet, so I feed home raised rabbits and beef trim in addition to Costco kibble.

Guess why *I* go to Costco...? LOL! :) yep. Cat food and dog food. Everything else except the pizza and hot dogs is just 'on the way by'!

Mar 30, 2012
meatrabbits4all in Chains

Cavemen Ate Only Bronto Burgers and Other Paleo Diet Myths

Now, here's what I find really interesting about the comments. The idea that 'grain must be processed to be useful and how did they do that?' is hysterical. The mortar and pestle were around a long, long time ago; before that were our teeth--and a whole lot of spitting of hulls. 'No cavities or dental problems'? Hah. Age is most often determined by the godawful wear patterns present on the teeth of our ancestors--the teeth left by the time they were very old (like 40 or so), that is.

We're omnivores, and we ate what was available and didn't run fast enough. To some degree, we still do. But..change doesn't stop. The environments we grow up in, the way we learn to live from our parents, mean that even in the last 2000 or so years, we've undergone huge changes in diet, and the Industrial Revolution sped things up from there and now we're a bunch of people who have adapted to constant food availability in excess of our needs.

Here's a hint: Sharing isn't one of mankind's stellar points. If it's there, and we like it, we'll eat it to destruction. Even with our bodies telling us that doing so is killing us, we have the technology to work around it so we can continue.

Grow your own food and learn to kill your own food animals. You'll learn all sorts of stuff about what it actually takes to grow/gather food; what it costs to kill an animal you personally raised. Believe me, you eat a lot less when you have to actually work for your food...and you eat smarter.

Nov 03, 2011
meatrabbits4all in Features

Souping up Puebla

When I traveled to Puebla in 2004 for the 8th World Rabbit Science Congress, we had a soup that was incredible--but I was never able to get the recipe.

It was either chicken or rabbit (it was hard to tell with some of the dishes, they were all superb) and included the liver and I belive the heart as well as the main meat. Not a clear soup, as I recall.

Does anyone have any ideas on what this might have been?

Muchas gracias,

Mar 01, 2011
meatrabbits4all in Mexico