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Sour Cream and Onion powder

I posted this in the Boston forum, but thought I might try here too.

Does anyone know where I can buy sour cream and onion powder in the area and not have to order it online?


Sour Cream and Onion powder

Does anyone know where I can buy this in the area and not online?


Cheap groceries? Moving to Brookline area,,..from out of state

Sorry, but Norwood is nowhere near Brookline. It may look like it on a map, but there's really no direct way to get there. I can't imagine you could get between the two within a 1/2 hr. I live in Westwood and make the 30-45 min trek to Russo's on occasion (yes, to me it's worth it). I'll also head to Burlington up 128 for the same amount of time and go to Market Basket and H Mart. I think Market Basket is great, I know others don't. I really wish they'd build one on Rt. 1 in Norwood - there's space near Sym's. Anyway, Wegman's was supposed to come to Westwood and they still have the land, but I don't know when that will happen. As for local to Norwood, there's a Shaw's (I despise that place though), Hannaford (not great), and there's a great Whole Foods in Dedham, but it's expensive. Good Luck and welcome to the area.

Where to buy a salad shooter at a brick & mortar store?

Anyone know?


Restaurant supply or cash & carry?

Can anyone rec one that's open to the public?


Good Mexican (I realize we're in a wasteland, lol)

We liked Jose's in Cambridge.
Anywhere else that you can rec?

Balducci's or Fairway?

Going to be in Stamford and want to do some food shopping.
Which store would you say is better?
I'm also going to stop at Stew's on the way home.

Also, are there any good spice stores in CT? What about a good cash & carry store?

1050 E Putnam Ave, Riverside, CT 06878

As anyone been to a Compare Supermarket?

Was wondering if it's a good stop?
Would you say it's the Hispanic/Latin equivalent of H Mart?

Cheese grater?

I think I'm leaning towards electric.

Mar 16, 2011
swurvestar in Cookware

Cheese grater?

Oh no, I'm not allergic or anything like that. I just can't use my hands that much for an extended period time, I have some nerve damage and muscle problems.

Mar 16, 2011
swurvestar in Cookware

Enchilada sauce?

I guess they're not wet enough and I can't get the tortillas to come out to the correct texture. They seem to come out as if they haven't been cooked, but then if I cook them longer, the sauce dries out and then I have the problem of them not being wet enough.

Mar 16, 2011
swurvestar in Home Cooking

Dinner Spot south of Boston (Foodie Find, please!) - Avon/Stoughton vicinity?

Haven't been in years, actually don't even know if it's still there but we had a decent time at La Storia in Stoughton on 138.

Enchilada sauce?

Anyone have a rec for a good standard red enchilada sauce?
It can be a recipe or something already prepared in a bottle.

I liked the Frontera one I found at Whole Foods, just looking for more to try.

Also, does anyone have any tips to successfully making enchiladas, mine never come out just right.


Mar 16, 2011
swurvestar in Home Cooking

Cheese grater?

I really love to grate my own cheese. I find it melts better, I use less and it tastes better - weird I know.
There's just something with those prepackaged shredded cheeses that just makes them different.

Anyway, due to some health problems, I'm not really able to use my box grater for this as much.

Can anyone recommend a good quality shredder? Maybe even a restaurant type one (my family uses a lot of cheese, lol.) I can easily get to a restaurant supply store, so that's not a problem.


Mar 16, 2011
swurvestar in Cookware

Best supermarkets or grocery stores?

What are your favorites?

I like to find new places and am looking for ideas.

Thanks to this site, I've already checked out a lot of fun ones (Market Basket - Chelsea
Russo's, Fairway and Stew Leonard's in CT).

Are there any other great places I should check out?