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Grade B Maple Syrup?

Thanks for the info. There are no Trader Joe's near me, but there is a MOM's closer. I'll check there first.

The various Grade A varieties are generally considered to be "better" than the lower grades for pancakes and such, but there is no quality difference. The grade that is assigned is based on color and strength of flavor, and what it comes out as has something to do with the length of time between collecting the sap and boiling it. And perhaps the temperature of the sap before it is boiled? Grade B is definitely better for baking because it adds a more potent maple flavor to whatever you are making. When you use Grade A for baking, you can hardly tell that there was maple added to it. But I prefer the B for everything.

Grade B Maple Syrup?

Hi. I'm looking for a place that sells Grade B Maple Syrup. Anyone know of any place in the Balto/DC area?

I'm a displaced Vermonter who prefers the B, but all I can find is Grade A.