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South Indian in Edmonton?

I'll second the recommendation for Shudh's buffet. Everything is flavourful and delicious, and the servers bring around items hot and fresh from the kitchen to try, or top up your plate while you eat. I could live on their tomato chutney!

Edmonton: Best Indian Buffet

I have found Dawaat to be my favourite if I'm in the mood for a buffet. Both the Whyte Ave and West End locations were delicious, fresh, and with a ton of variety (particularly vegetarian-friendly). If you want somehing a bit different, and very good value, Shudh South Indian Cafe (off 34th Ave, on 93rd street) is absolutely fantastic. South Indian as good as we tried in the Tooting district of London! Don't expect ambiance, but the dosa and condiments are delish, as is everything else I've tried there! The buffet is only $14 per person at dinner, if you want to try a little of everything, and the servers bring around hot, fresh platters of items as they come from the kitchen to each table while you are eating.

Where can I find Rugelach or Babka in Calgary?! Mail order?

Try Barel's Bakery and Nosh in Oak Bay Plaza, off 90th Avenue in the SW. Wonderful, family-run little kosher bakery!