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Potatoes in Edmonton

I'm not sure. I used to store mine in there but a lot of people told me it was bad because it does something internally to the potato.

Potatoes in Edmonton

I'm not sure if they do. Usually when I go to Superstore I always see bags rather than individual potatoes and I don't really go to any grocery store. There is a Save-On foods near me but I'm afraid I may be a little too comfortable with Superstore to venture in.

Potatoes in Edmonton

Hello again!

I have come across a problem. I recently bought a bag of potatoes & stored them in my dark cupboard because apparently the refrigerator is bad for them. Lo and behold, they turned bad. Very, very fast!

I live in a small apartment and I have no access to the places where potatoes are recommended to be stored, such as a cold room, garage, dry & cool place (The temperature fluctuates in our apartment a lot due to bad heating ) and I wonder if there is any way to remedy this?

Or even, are there grocery stores in Edmonton that sells potatoes individually as opposed to the bags?

Hidden Gem Restaurants in Edmonton?

Thank you very much for the recommendations!
I told my roommate and she's very excited :) And we'll for sure check out the other forum posts!

Hidden Gem Restaurants in Edmonton?

Hello Chowhound!

My roommate and I have a dilemna! Both of us used to live in Vancouver and frequent a lot of little family-run restaurants & delicious one-stop 'fast food' places like a pizza place called Fresh Slice and a Fry shop... But we moved back to downtown Edmonton and all we find are chains!

We desperately are craving foods that aren't from a big name like Red Lobster or Brewsters. Does anyone know of any places? (Generally all we find down here are bars...)

EDIT: My roommate is a vegetarian!