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Boston "Must-Eat" Recommendations

Been there a few times but it was all pre-Chowhound days -- so this time I'd love some recommendations from Boston 'hounds. What are some of Boston's "must-eat" places? Not sure where we'll be other than we're definitely visiting Sam Adams brewery and spend some time in Cambridge.

We're coming from NYC, so our standard is pretty high!
Local/natural/organic ingredients preferred, but not mandatory.
Ethnic cuisine welcome! (But only if done well, of course)

Best Korean Food in Flushing

We're coming from Manhattan and no, we don't have a car. Any specific recommendations in that neighborhood?

Also, if anybody has a recommendation for a place that does good Korean-style octopus (nak chi bok eum?) I'd love that too!

Jun 16, 2008
orientalfoxy in Outer Boroughs

Best Korean Food in Flushing

My husband spent three months in Seoul and has the worst craving for authentic Korean food. We've tried a bunch of places on 32nd St. in Manhattan but none has cut it for him -- so we're venturing out to Flushing. Any recommendations? Must have good kimchi, variety of banchan is a plus. He loves, and I mean LOVES Korean-style octopus and doesn't really care for BBQ since he only eats organic meat. He also likes it spicier than any Korean I know. Homey, divey place preferred but honestly atmosphere doesn't matter as long as food is good.

Thanks :)

Jun 15, 2008
orientalfoxy in Outer Boroughs

Salty Caramel Ice Cream

I'm desperately looking for salted caramel/salty caramel ice cream in NYC. I'm in Manhattan but am willing to travel. Does anyone know anywhere? Would be much appreciated.

Aug 29, 2007
orientalfoxy in Manhattan