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Suggestions for Hong Kong food in Beijing or Shanghai

For dim sum

For a great 50s style HK Diner, you can't beat Cha's on Sinan and Huaihai. They've got all the usual bbq meats, but don't skip the curry or the eggs with shrimp!

Hengshan Cafe has a good roast goose and several locations around town.

For dim sum, Hang Yuen Hin in Xujiahui park is a good bet, or Fortune Garden on Yuyuan Lu.

Shanghai vegetarian?

Talk magazine did a round-up of the off-the-beaten path vegetarian places (read: not Godly or Jujube):

New Age Veggie has a Pudong location.

Shanghai - Five Days. Last-minute food itinerary. Help!!

I'd hit up Old Jesse instead of New Jesse - the new place just doesn't quite live up to the old joint.

Shanghai - Five Days. Last-minute food itinerary. Help!!

Southern Barbarian's second location in Pudong closed last month due to landlord issues, unfortunately.

Shanghai- Any new great XLB

Not a new joint, but if you haven't tried the Shanghai-style XLBs at Fu Chun, you're missing out. For Nanjing-style, head to the corner of Gao'an and Jianguo for a great hole in the wall!