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2 Days in London

Thanks for the recommendations!

Cheshire Cheese has a 4.5 star rating (out of 5 stars) on Yelp so I was considering it for drinks after dinner one night. Was the whole scene awful or just the food?

Feb 26, 2011
NewOrleanian in U.K./Ireland

Honeymooners in Burgundy

My fiance and I will be spending 2 days in the Burgundy region and are looking for recommendations for wineries to visit, local favorite places to have lunch, and regionally authentic places to have dinner.

We will be staying at the Auburge du Paradis in Macon. I have read wonderful things about their cuisine, so we're planning on dining there one night.

Other dinner restaurants that I've read positive reviews about are Le Cep and Chez Pierre. Which would you recommend of those two?

Regarding wineries, do you have any recommendations for places to visit that offer tastings (and speak English as our French is poor at best...)? We would love to explore the whole region.


Feb 26, 2011
NewOrleanian in France

2 Days in London

My fiance and I will be spending the final 2 days of our honeymoon in London, following a week in Paris and 2 days in the Burgundy wine region.

We are big foodies, but after 9 days in France our budget will be a bit tight. Since we only have a few meals in London, we've decided that we definitely want to experience the following:

- Afternoon Tea (I made a reservation at the Palm Court of the Langham Hotel on a friend's suggestion.)
- Authentic British Food (Are the Laughing Gravy or Sea Shell good?)
- Indian (Preferably somewhere a bit romantic since this will be the last night of the honeymoon...)
- A great pub (I've read great review for Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, Grenadier, and the Sherlock Holmes Pub. Any thoughts on these?)

We will be staying in Mayfair. Other than the afternoon tea, we're planning on just grabbing sandwiches for lunch (A friend recommended just going to Harrod's Food Hall for fish and chips. Is that good or just a zoo?).

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Palm Court
1c Portland Place, Regent Street, London W1B 1JA, GB

Feb 26, 2011
NewOrleanian in U.K./Ireland