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Need some upscale/fine dining Asian restaurant recommendations

Personally, I am huge on Chinese food and sorta picky when it comes to it, so I'd rather have great tasting food. It's my husband who wants the atmosphere. Now I don't mean too authentic where I can't recognize anything on the menu, but I don't want it to be over Americanized. Out of the mentioned places so far, with the info and reviews we could find on them online, it looks like Yao Fuzi is winning, menu has lots of recognizable things that have been tasted and good elsewhere, atmosphere seems nice enough. But that's just based off of info online. Unfortunately I mean fried spring rolls. The area can be anywhere in DFW pretty much, we live right below the OK/TX border so will be driving down to wherever we choose as is. We are very unfamiliar with the DFW area so I decided to ask here. The areas we have traveled to before for quick one day shopping trips/ acupuncture trips are Mckinney, Plano, Frisco, Richardson, Allen and Dallas. Thanks for the help!

Need some upscale/fine dining Asian restaurant recommendations


My husband wants to take me out to dinner for my 24th birthday. He wants it to be a nice restaurant with an upscale atmosphere, romantic if possible. I'd like it to be great food, authentic enough. I love spring rolls, sesame chicken, Thai, Chinese, and Vietnamese. I'm not big on sushi or Japanese at all. We would like to make an evening out of it, you know, get dressed up and such. This is a far fetched request, but is anyone familiar with the Asia Kitchen in San Antonio on Loop 410, it is Thai style cuisine. If so, is there any place in Dallas similar to that? I am open to suggestions and would appreciate any help. Thanks!