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Where can I find good pizza in Dallas?

I grew up on Marco's at Preton-Royal and still adore it, but living far from them, I end up at Eno's in Bishop Arts, Campania on McKinney. or Sal's ( when I want just a slice like nyc corner grocers)

Restaurants we don't hear much about but are amazing

I had a stuffed chicken wing at Thairrific on Forest and Webbs Chapel, and now I keep driving across town for them. The tom kha and curries were great too.

DFW - Chocolate Cake? Petit Fours?

Aston's Bakery petit fours are great and in 2 sizes/ Their chocolate cake (esp with texas pecan topping) is amazing as well. They were in Preston Center when I was growing up but apparently moved to Lovers lane between Highland Park High School and the Tollway. I got a chocolate cupcake with texas pecan topping the other day...yum!

Everything from scratch, most cakes are made to order. Saw lots of people picking up but only one for sale just to grab and go. Employee said to order ahead of time.