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Farewell, Foie Gras: I'm Not Sorry to See You Go

Wow what a narrow minded fucking stupid article really. I can;t believe you guys found this to be relevant to publish this guys personal beliefs as the voice of CHOW. Foie is no different than mass produced beef, chicken or pork in the marketplace but everyone who shops at chain grocery stores eats that crap up no problem. Instead of siding with some legislatures who know nothing you should maybe have an opinion on here that actually sides with the consumption of food and how that affects at least in this case being able to use the entire animal. Chris Cosentino pointed out also the fattening of the liver wash;t some cruel inventions of humans ducks naturally do this when flying south for the winter. It is apart of their lives. This article is so stupid I can't stop being mad I think this email subscription is done CHOW.

May 11, 2012
cw2323 in Features

Quiet Conversation Restaurants

Looking for actual suggestions of places people have been where the ambient conversation or music level isn't so loud that you have to shout to talk. Looked at another conversation thread and they suggested Wilshire, I was thinking Tavern which someone stated to get a table in the atrium? Is that still inside so why is that quieter?

What about Rustic Canyon? Fig?

also it is raining in LA and probably will tomorrow so no outside open air patios for suggestions please.

Feb 25, 2011
cw2323 in Los Angeles Area