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French Corner Patisserie, Great Patisserie and Bakery

Agreed! The cakes there are wonderful, I allow myself to indulge in the strawberry shortcake once a year for my birthday! The croissants are pretty great too, but I have yet to try the baguettes and coffee!

Winterlicious Menus are up: Jan 25 - Feb 7, 2013...

I ventured to dinner at Colborne Lane ($45) and Creme Brasserie ($35) this year - I was quite impressed with both restaurants, but my expectations for Winterlicious are never really that high.
The service at Creme Brasserie was excellent, and the food was not bad either - the roasted Cornish hen was very moist and flavourful! Duck salad and tiramisu were good as well. Definitely recommended for regular menu and 'licious events.
Colborne lane was great as well, with good service and food. The service was a little below par, but the food definitely made up for it. The pickled Irish salmon was the best dish in my opinion. This one is also recommended!

Chowhounds best 10 restaurants in GTA - 2013 voting

Sushi Kaji
Guu Izakaya
The Shore
7 Enoteca
Auberge du Pommier


I've ordered a turducken from a great place called Off the Bone in Mississauga. We had it for Easter this past year, and it was delicious - fresh and reasonably priced. I know this is pretty late but I thought I'd just put my two cents in!

Sunday Brunch in Toronto

I've had a good number of great brunches at Marben, but those were back in the days when Carl Heinrich was still the chef. I haven't been back in a while, but from what I remember, it's always been spot on.

Best restaurant in Mississauga

Agreed with 7 Enoteca! I go there at least twice a month, whenever I'm craving a delicious Neapolitan pizza.. I tried going there this week but they were closed for renovations - I'm estimating for another week or so.
The service is always wonderful there, very attentive and friendly - the only thing I'm not a fan of is that the door never seems to fully close, so it can get quite chilly if you are seated near the entrance.

Another good Italian option would be Salvatore's, which recently opened, not too far from 7 Enoteca - the staff there are also very attentive and amusing, and they have superb pastas! Great portions and great value.

New butcher at sherwood forest mall mississauga

A little off topic here, but if you're on the lookout for good butchers, a place called Off the Bone in Mississauga is amazing - we buy their meat products often and they are all top quality and well worth it. Especially the bacon - the best I've ever had, as well as the friends and family that I've shared it with!

Peking duck in Mississauga or Markham

The Grand - seconded! It's one of the better dim sum options as well. I haven't tried the peking duck there, but from what I've had, I have to agree that it is one of the better Chinese food places in the west.

Peking duck in Mississauga or Markham

In Mississauga, Wah Fung is a pretty good peking duck place, but their specialty is the roast pork, you should definitely try that! It's been around for a pretty long time. It's better for takeout though - don't expect spectacular service or atmosphere.

Wah Fung: 4040 Creditview Road Mississauga

Acadia -- who else has been?

I went last night, and I would say it would be close to the top of the meals I've had in Toronto, which is something to say. We ordered the 5 course tasting menu, and it was perfect. I would elaborate on the details of the food but I think majority of the previous posts have it down pat.

The food was extremely flavourful, well balanced, and overall a great combination. There was such an array of flavours in small areas all around the plate that I would sample each of them individually first, and then put them all together in a mouthful. The plating was beautiful and spotless, and the service was friendly and attentive, although it was sometimes hard to hear them over the loud clang of the room (no sound absorbing materials whatsoever). I didn't notice the absence of decorations, my attention was more focussed towards the open kitchen and the young (and attractive!) team of chefs that prepared the meals.

I noticed there were many comments about the portions of the food - yes, if you order the dishes in a traditional starter + main + dessert + (sides) style, most people would still be hungry. However, with the 5 course tasting, I would say we had about 2 starters and 2 mains, plus the dessert and the amuse bouche snack, and we left feeling satisfied - not overly stuffed, but content and happy.

As for the drink selection, I didn't have any myself, but my friends who were with me who ordered some cocktails and had the wine pairing, said that the wine pairing was unexpected but worked (port with the dessert course). Same with the cocktails - different and unexpected ingredients and flavours, but delicious nonetheless.

Definitely recommended.

Easy Berry Butter Cake

I had the same problem as a lot of people that tried this recipe - it just didn`t rise! I ended up making another cake that rose about a quarter more than the first one. I have yet to taste the cake though!

Oct 07, 2012
frostie in Recipes

Summerlicious 2012 Must Go?

Any great Summerlicious restaurants one should try July 6 - 22?

100 Foods to Eat Before You Die - Toronto/GTA Edition

The eggs Benedict at Marben is delicious! Also, the crab cakes at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse are also fantastic. Very full of crab.

Cava: What to order?

I went to Cava last night with two other people, and we tried some tapas as well as the paella. I'm not really an avid paella eater, it was flavourful but also quite salty. Overall actually, nothing that we ordered really stood out to me that I actually remembered last night, I didn't feel like the price added up to the actual quality and creativity of the food. Service was great though, but I don't think I'll be returning. I would have much rather gone to Didier a block down.

Diana's Seafood opening restaurant

I know many people who have gone to Diana's Seafood to buy oysters and seafood, and it's all very very fresh. The clams are huge, the meat inside them takes up the entire shell, unlike other clams that take up only half the shell. I've only gone a few times, but all their seafood items are great.
As for the restaurant, I think it's a great addition to the Wexford Heights area, and I stop by to get a couple oysters here and there, I'm a big fan of the Kumimoto's and the Belon's. The food there is great too, I've never had a bad meal there. One of my favourites is the mango and tuna tartare, I have it every time and it's always been delicious.

La Societe Bistro

Agreed. The restaurant itself is beautiful, they redid the floors, the ceiling, everything. Our waitress told us it cost about $4 million. So it should look amazing.
We went for brunch yesterday, and it was okay, nothing spectacular, but the french toast with the bananas was probably the most memorable.

Enoteca Sociale or Campagnolo ?

Just went to Enoteca last night as my first time, it was delicious and exceeded our expectations. We didn't have any reservations, but managed to get a table for 3 at one of the communal table.
We had the grilled octopus, which was tender and cooked perfectly, the blood orange salad, which had a nice variety of textures, and it was a refreshing way to start off the dinner. We also started off with the arancini, which were deep fried risotto balls with buffalo mozzarella in a thick tomato sauce, which was good, but not as memorable as the octopus or the blood oranges. One of my friends ordered the pork shoulder with the quince mostarda, and it was delicious! The pork was cooked medium, and it was so juicy and tender, and went beautifully with the sweetness of the quince.
We ordered one pasta dish to share among the three of us, because we weren't that hungry, and decided on the papardelle with the lamb ragu. The pasta is all homemade, and it was cooked al dente, which was preferable to us.
For dessert, on the server's recommendation, we ordered the beet and apple tart, and the panna cotta. The tart was actually quite sweet, but the flaky crust around it was perfect, and it tasted great with the semifreddo. The panna cotta was very smooth, and didn't have any of the tiny grains of sugar that usually gets stuck in it, and accompanied the pears very nicely.
Their wine selection had a wide variety of wines from regions all across Italy, we picked the brunello di montalcino, which went with our meal very well.
Service was great, very helpful and friendly. I would definitely come back again

Best restaurant in Mississauga

Friends of mine have gone to Breakwater at Port Credit, and they say that it's very good - expensive, but good. The service, I remember they described it at 'hotel-like', so I'm assuming that's good. And I think their most memorable dish was the foie gras.
I still have to check it out though.

Fuel House - 53 Clinton St

Is it this one?
The pulled turkey looks just like the one I had!

Fuel House - 53 Clinton St

So I stopped by a nice little restaurant on Clinton St, where Olivia's at 53 used to be, and I have to say it's a great place to stop by for a bite.

I talked to the owner, Mackenzie, and he said that it's been open for just over 3 weeks. The decor has a cozy, modern-rustic feel to it, with the bar constructed from old reclaimed barn wood, and lacquered black tables.

As for the food, the menu is simple, and is mainly sandwich-based with some soups and salads. The sandwiches alone are very interesting - the pulled turkey ($7.50) is brined for 24 hours, then slow-roasted before getting a nice coating of house made coffee infused bbq sauce. The bbq sauce had a good flavour and it was served on a soft bun that was just delicious.

Another standout was the pork belly bahn-mi, a Vietnamese inspired sanwich served with pickled veggies on another soft bun. The pork belly was nice and fatty, and complimented the pickled vegetables.

Other items on the menu which were also great were the smoked tomato soup, which had a good consistency, and not too sweet or salty, like other tomato soups, the house burger, and the french fries, which were nice and crispy. We didn't try the poutine, but it passed by us and it smelled so good.

One more thing to mention - the dessert was a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie with ice cream. Fresh out of the oven. It was really good, but I think most freshly baked cookies taste really good.

I recommend that you guys check it out! It'll be interesting to see how this place works out.

Good bakery in Mississauga

I love this patisserie! It's really great, and the croissants are amazing.
The desserts are good too, my favourites are the chocolate and raspberry mousses.

Menchies Frozen Yogurt on Bloor Street...Super Nice folks, adorable mascot...I really wanted to like it.

If you're looking for another alternative, I would recommend YoYo's if you're looking for a similar concept. YoYo's has the same self-serve + toppings concept, and they use real ingredients, at least that's what they say on the posters inside. It's cute and it's been a weekly obsession of mine.

2 days in Vegas - need lunch and dinner!

Hey everyone,

I'm going to be heading to Vegas with some family this weekend, we'll be arriving around 10pm tomorrow, and leaving Monday morning.

Sunday we booked a early reservation at L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon, and a Cirque show afterwards. We'll be staying at the Bellagio, so somewhere close would be ideal.

I'm looking for recommendations on something not too expensive since we'll be splurging at L'Atelier, but a nice dinner for Monday and a Sunday brunch, or lunch.

Also, we would be willing to check out any must-try places!


3600 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV

Nov 10, 2011
frostie in Las Vegas

Where to find stracciatella (the cheese)?

Oops. Thanks for the clarification. I wasn't really sure what it was, but that was what I gathered from a quick Wikipedia search.

Where to find stracciatella (the cheese)?

Hey Chowhounders,

So I went to Italy a few weeks ago and found a cheese in the mozzarella section called stracciatella, which is like the inside of burrata, but I think its more creamy and milky. I love buffalo mozzarella and burrata and I was so excited by this I ate it anywhere I could find it.

Anyway, so now we're back in Toronto, we're wondering if anyone knows where to buy them?

It's stringy, creamy, and very delicious. Not to be confused with the stracciatella gelato flavour (which is also delicious).

Thanks guys!

Father's Day Lunch/Afternoon Tea near Dundas Square?

Hey Chowhounders,

So I tried looking for a Father's Day post, but with no luck. It's a bit on the late notice, but I'm just wondering if there are any recommendations for a nice lunch around Dundas Square (more specifcally, the Canon Theatre)? Or perhaps an afternoon tea around 3 or 4pm?

I'm not so concerned about cost, but something that's quiet with a nice atmosphere and good service. I'm also not really looking for anything Father's Day themed, just a nice lunch/afternoon tea sort of thing.


Globe Earth

Well we had a bottle of wine too around $60, two cocktails, and two lattes with the dessert so it came up to around $250.
Oh and I forgot the sides. We got the frites and the baby spinach, which were both a bit disappointing. We expected more out of the frites and there was very little of the spinach.

Globe Earth

We went to the Globe Earth on Bloor West last night, and we thought that it was overall pretty good, considering it just opened 2 weeks ago. We came in around 9 without any reservation and we got a table pretty quickly. It's a small restaurant, and it can be, at times, very noisy because there are no carpets or anything to absorb the sound.
We wanted to try the pig bits, but they were all sold out at the time, so we went with the elk tartar and the crispy ewenity curds. The appetizers were not expensive for their portion size. The ewenity curds were a bit like deep fried cheese balls with a really nice smoked ketchup, with 7 in the plate. They were good, if you like deep fried cheese balls. The elk tartar was really good, not too spiced and it still had a good flavour to it.
As for mains, we had to wait for a while .. around an hour or so because of a small delay, but we were recompensed with an on the house dessert. We got the cornish hen, the rabbit, and the lamb. I agree with the previous posts about the saltiness - it was pretty salty. The cornish hen was flavourful, but some parts were pretty dry, as with the rabbit. The portion of the rabbit was quite small, which was a slight disappointment after the appetizers. The lamb was a bit too chewy, but overall was nice.
As for our dessert, we ordered the panna cotta, which was very smooth and creamy.
Service was good, food was good, but the atmosphere is a bit noisy. Also, on another note, the table we were sitting at was huge. There were only 3 of us and the table seemed like it was for 6, and we had to shout across to talk to each other, but it got better as the night went on.
Overall, it was a nice experience that's worth the time.

Frozen Yogurt in T.O?

I go to school near Yoyo's, so I go there at least once a week on Bloor. It's really great, the yogurt is made of natural ingredients and they have monthly specials too. But sometimes I find that the frozen yogurt is too soft and watery. I find that Menchie's is better because their yogurt is colder and they have a lot more variety of interesting flavours.

Beijing in 5 Days - Peking Duck?

My family is going to China during a March Break Holiday, and we are going to be in Beijing for 5 days. There are probably lots of places to eat in Beijing, but I definitely want to try the best Peking duck in Beijing. Any thoughts on where to eat? We are Chinese, so we are expecting a good one!