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Chinese cooking, meat and cornstarch

The easiest thing to do is to leave the cornstarch out of the marinade entirely!

You don't need it there.

What cornstarch is useful for is as a sauce thickener. So, just mix a little cornstarch (1 TBSP, or more depending on volume) in a dish with some warm water, to make a thin paste, and use it at the end to thicken your sauce - depending on how thick or thin you like your 'juicey, gingery-garlicky-soy-sesame,sherry, Asian, stir fry goodness'- spread over your 'sticky rice'.

And for that, in case you do not know, all you do is wash long grain rice repeatedly to get the starch off and cook it pretty much 1:1 - maybe a little more water than rice for about 9-10 minutes.

Take it off the heat and allow it 'steam' and then 'dry'.

How do you say 'Voila'- in Chinese ?:p


Nov 15, 2014
salmonlover in Home Cooking

Can we talk about canned salmon?

using poached salmon - similar to salad Nicoise made with grilled tuna

Sep 15, 2013
salmonlover in General Topics

Can we talk about canned salmon?


Not a big fan of her, myself.

I was thinking Ronald Reagan? or
Romney/Ryan? or
Road Runner? or

Those Harvard economists who miscalculated the economy, dreadfully, etc - Yikes!

Apr 30, 2013
salmonlover in General Topics

Can we talk about canned salmon?

Who is 'RR'...?

Apr 30, 2013
salmonlover in General Topics

hard boiled egg not peeling right [moved from General Chowhounding]

I've heard others say the eggs are 'too fresh' nonsense. I used to have a farm and love
fresh eggs. I didn't raise chickens but I had neighbors who did and used to make plenty of Chef's salads, egg sala, egg-potato salad, and deviled eggs in my time, along with the usual hardy breakfast specialties and killer hollandaise. I'm a pro, if I do say so myself, and I know eggs.

To answer someone else, the Navy keeps eggs on board ships for a month - UNrefrigerated!

Unless I miss my guess, there is something very different in the chicken feed being used currently that would likely account for the chunks of cooked white sticking to the shell while peeling. More calcium makes a harder shell - ?.

I find it somewhat easier if you start with a tap at the pointy end and make a strip straight to the round end and then peel sideways from there.

I've never seen this issue before, and being a conspiracy theorist at heart, I fear it may also have to do with all those aggressive amateur inventors 'out there' with their egg cookers, crackers, and trays.

Jun 17, 2012
salmonlover in Home Cooking

Far from Perfect

Here are some more 'Linda Bean's Lousy ' reviews dating back as recent as Fall 2010
ie the expensive, strange tasting, meager-portioned, previously frozen lobster with
Miracle Whip slathered on the cold toasted bun issues...

Like I said 'Far from Perfect'...
...but still would be interested to see what you learn nestt season, southie

Far from Perfect

'Moved' - how so?

I posted similar criticism to the Florida Chow Hound blog to alert Festival folks down there.

Is that what you're referring to, perhaps?

Far from 'Perfect'...

Yeah, hers is not what we do here in Maine...

Anybody who has ever vacationed here knows that.

One has to question how did she ever miss that?

We traditionally serve a whole boiled lobster with clarified butter for dipping for those who like that. I personally don't use butter anymore, at all, on my boiled lobster and certainly not on my lobster or crab salad sandwiches.

Freshly cooked lobster meat tossed with a smattering of Cain's mayo and served on a lightly buttered, grilled, hot dog roll - that's it for me.

Finest kind, as they say -- Yum!

Sep 05, 2011
salmonlover in Florida

Far from Perfect

Ha! Love the article ie anyone who agrees with moi about this charlatan.

I knew well the Port Clyde General Store, the former Dip Net Restaurant, and the Fisherman's Co-op as all are in my, now, CA brother's, non-resident, seasonal rental investment backyard.

I am Maine born and a year round resident, an hour away and just up the coast - north of Penobscot Bay.

I'd like to see Linda Bean take a proverbial 'bath' in Maine's Atlantic Ocean. She is the worst thing to come along around these parts in a long, long, long-long time...

Dip Net Restaurant
1 Cold Storage Rd, Tenants Harbor, ME 04860

Far from 'Perfect'...

Amen, Sistah Sangwich!..

... couldn't resist! ; )

Sep 05, 2011
salmonlover in Florida

Far from Perfect

I dunno. Check it out. I don't go there. In the earlier days she used Miracle Whip which is not what Mainers prefer, by and large, and caused a stir. Almost no self-respecting 'clam shack' , also serving lobster and/or clam rolls would use Miracle Whip in anything they serve.

In Maine, our universal mayo is 'Cain's, or, in a pinch, Hellman's. Period.

And nobody who understands the simplicity of Maine shellfish, adds herbs to their fresh seafood salad sandwiches. It's not done because it doesn't enhance the basic natural, sweet, fresh, seafood flavor, Hot 'cuisine' ie soups, stews, and baked dinners are a different matter, altogether.

She's a moron when it comes to what will naturally sell. She's in it for the cash and has no problem destroying what has always been a Maine summer icon - our self-regulating, robust ,and soulful seafood industry.

Screw her...

Far from Perfect

Linda Bean, of 'Linda Bean's Perfect Maine' is the granddaughter of the the Maine based 'LL Bean' clothier retail store. She is not a fisherman, nor a chef as evidence by what she has chosen to call the 'Perfect' lobster roll in an attempt to make her interpretation a Maine brand. It's neither 'hers 'nor Maine's'...

Anyone who has had a freshly caught Maine lobster will know the difference between what she is peddling, processed, and the 'genuine article'.

As I prefaced,' Far from Perfect' is the best description!

Far from Perfect

Thanks for the Reply and the Disney info. I am 'on it' with this company, for sure!

What she is doing to Maine's precious 'bug' reputation is a culinary crime!

Far from 'Perfect'...

Whatever you do stay away from 'Linda Bean's Perfect Maine' lobster rolls...
...they are disgusting and her 'processed frozen lobster' concept ie 'ease of convenience'
is ruining the 'Maine Lobster' brand!

If you've ever had a mouth-watering, unadulterated FRESH lobster, you will know instinctively,
if not intuitively, hers is not 'it'.

Take a pass...

Sep 05, 2011
salmonlover in Florida

Far from Perfect

Linda Bean is doing nothing to advance the 'Maine Lobster' brand! I know I live in Maine. If I thought it would work, I'd start an online petition to get her OUT of the restaurant business.

You'd think nothing but complaints and bad reviews from people who actually know what a lobster roll is supposed to taste like would be a major wake up call. And she wants to sell franchises?

Whatever you don't take her bait. You will surely regret it.

What is the "Southern" equivalent of Italian-American "Baked Ziti"? Potato Salad?

If not som version of slaw, then Brunswick Stew and Hushpuppies

May 07, 2011
salmonlover in General Topics

Can we talk about canned salmon?

You are being too prissy...

I live in Maine where salmon is still a household word whether you are talking wild Atlantic, farm-raised/smoked, rare landlocked fishin', or wild Pacific - shipped in.

The best grocery brand canned salmon I have tried recently is Rubensteins's and I doubt the small can versus the larger makes any difference.

There is nothing wrong with ingesting the skin OR the bones, in fact, both are good for you nutritionally. Aesthetically, one may wish to dispense with either one, but most of the dishes I adore are cold salmon salad sandwiches, hot burgers, or salmon loaf where inventive and tasty ingredients get all mushed together. No problem. It's great and I LOVE IT!

Feb 25, 2011
salmonlover in General Topics