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My ass is sore cuz Longtail Kitchen kicked it!

I rarely go to New West. But I visited Longtail during their soft opening and love everything there.
Will need to visit again since there are more items added to their menu!

A Bread Affair buys La Baguette

sad news..

What Japanese spots are making their own tofu and/or soba?

I don't know any but I would like to try house-made soba if there is any.
I still miss the excellent soba I had during my trip to Arashiyama in Japan.

vietnamese crepe? vegetarian pho?

I had vietnamese crepe at phnom penh. I don't remember if there was meat inside thought.

French Made Baking

I actually like their maracrons more than those from Thierry or Haas. And at my visit on their first weekend, I think their caramel seasalt ones were a bit over-baked. They were crispy... But the rest of the flavors were still good. :)

Flasks for Women

I like those tiny flask by Anne Taintor. I think I had seen them in a store on W 4th near Burrard. But I can't remember the name of the store.

Birthday and Anniversary restaurant in Richmond recommendation?

If you feel like being more adventurous and don't mind smaller food portion, you can give The Apron at the Westin Hotel a try.

Where do you get your meat?

Really like the beef I got from Big Lou's! That's my place for steak and ground beef.

I get Gelderman farms' pork from their booth at the Vancouver farmers markets. It's hard to go back to T&T pork after that.... And their ground pork isn't really that much pricer than regular supermarkets.

I visited Cioffi's and Bosa few weeks ago and like the selection there. But it's a little far for me to travel there.

Vancouver - Pad Thai?

:) happy that you like Talay Thai as well. They used to make their PT without ketcup without special request. But now I better mention it when I order PT again there!
My fav for PT now is at Maenam and Talay.

1938 W. 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 1M5, CA

Maybe it was the Groupon??

I got the C Groupon too. I was going to have a solo Sunday lunch using it. Now I am not too sure if I want to go alone any more...2.5 hr lunch by myself is a bit too much...

Sushi around UBC

Yeap. Tokyo Thyme has great rolls. My fav is the pepper tuna roll.

La Taqueria - 2nd location - Broadway & Cambie!

This is great news!!! Thank you for the heads up!
I am in the area at least twice a week!

Mint and plantains

I just saw big bunches at the Kitsilano Farmers Market for $5 last Sunday.

Best Vegetarian, Veg-Friendly and Pescatarian restaurants in Vancouver?

I didn't know that Banana Leaf has a lot of vegetarian dishes on their menu.
A lot of the stir fried dishes (including mee goreng) has shrimp paste. (e.g. in common varity of Sambal sauce)
Check with the restaurant to see if they use vegetarian Sambal before you order.
I guess vegetarian spring rolls and salad are your options. And may be some vegetable curry dishes.

Banana Leaf
820W Broadway W, Vancouver, BC V5Z1J8, CA

Best Vegetarian, Veg-Friendly and Pescatarian restaurants in Vancouver?

That looks like a good list.
For casual West Coast, you can try Grub on Main & 27th. They are not vegetarian but they have daily vegetarian and vega dish on the menu. They usually have 1 daily vega dessert as well.
It's better to call ahead because it's a very small place.

West Coast Cafe
5142 Cordova Bay Rd, Victoria, BC V8Y2K5, CA

Mis Trucos

Same here. I enjoyed my meal there back in May. I can go back any time for another tasting menu meal!

Where To Buy A Whole Pig?

You can try to contact Gelderman Farms. I chatted with them at the Farmers Market and they do offer half or whole pig (cut or not)

Does anyone know if Sung Tung Kee Hot Pot Restaurant is still open?

The same location as the previous STK is Big Chef Restaurant which is also a hotpot place. The decor is pretty much the same as STK. It's OK not great.
Cattle Hot Pot is AUCE. The good thing about STK was that they had better quality than AUCE ones around. Similar one would be Landmark Hot Pot House on Cambie Street in Vancouver.

NO MSG Dim Sum takeout in Richmond BC - prepared and frozen

Thank you! I really need to give their dim sum a try. I have a mild allergy to MSG. I seldom go to dim sum but went last week. I was so uncomfortable after the meal. I will be very happy if their frozen dim sum items are good and MSG free!
For sure will report back.