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Help the Bride to be..:)

yes, the garden is located on top of the parking garage. There are 2 elevators from the garage that will take you to the garden.

I was stunned the first time I was there...:)

Help the Bride to be..:)

Thank you all for your prompt replies...I already found the perfect venue for my wedding v at They have suit-to-budget packages to chose from!

Help the Bride to be..:)

Hi wineguy,

Thanks...I will check them for the details..:)

Help the Bride to be..:)

Hi pauliface,

Thank you for sharing this with me...My parent's 40th Wedding Anniversary was celebrated there. The place was really brings back a lot of memories....but the place is too small for a wedding of 80+ guest..

Help the Bride to be..:)

Oh my! Really...I haven'y noticed that at I am all too anxious about my wedding. Actually my wedding date is still tentative, I want it august for our anniversary but my groom wanted it to be September like his and my parent's wedding date too....So I am kinda anxious about this. Yes I was thinking of the and expand my guest to 150-200.

Thank you Ruth for the info....:) I really appreciate it. (never thought getting married can drive me nuts..ahahha)

Help the Bride to be..:)

Hi Guys,

Thank you so much for your prompt replies. Actually I am looking for a garden venue. I always dream of a " garden wedding " with close friends and family....maybe at around 60-80 guests.

@CarrieWas218: yes, I am considering the opera house as my mom suggested it....and as with the caterer, thank you for your suggestion, I will contact them for details.

@bbulkow: Personally I like the City Hall too, but that place is really busy. I don't want to exhaust my guest.

City Hall Cafe
400 S Van Ness Ave, San Francisco, CA 94103

Help the Bride to be..:)


I am getting married this year, by September. I am looking for a very great venue for my wedding. I am targeting, San José, The bay Area and Oakland, Any suggestions?

Thank you,