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Dallas best brunch

Cool, will have to try that. I really liked it for dinner the one time we went. That whiskey cake is DELISH. Gonna try Company Cafe soon. Friend said it was really good. Went back to Crossroads and still not impressed at all. Will not go back....

Dallas best brunch

YES, I have been to Oddfellows twice. The first time I went, I loved it -- best blueberry pancakes ever. Only thing I hated was the 30 minute wait .... Second time I went (30 minute wait again), I got the fried green tomato sandwich and very good (but no side comes with it so not very filling if you are hungry). BUT, our pancakes were awful -- tasted like cornmeal. We asked them if they changed anything and they said that they were getting so busy that they had to start baking instead of frying them. NO, NO, NO... Not a good move. I have heard the beignets were really good. Service was perfectly fine -- just wish the wait was not so bad....

Dallas best brunch

I am admittedly a brunch snob. I grew up in Chicago and there are tons of amazing brunch places there, so my expectations are very high for brunch. Here are some of my favs:

1. As mentioned, La Duni (the De La Rosa Egg Torta on Pan De Yema bread is yummmmm)
2. The Grape (hard to get into, so use opentable. The Haystack is delish, as well as the cinnamon pull aparts).
3. Ziziki's (but the one on Travis is the best -- I have tried them all)
4. Cindy's New York Deli (good, solid breakfast food, best hash browns in Dallas, bar none)
5. Dream Cafe (but somewhat hit or miss. If I am craving french toast, this is the place).

I have been to Crossroads and was somewhat unimpressed. The sticky rolls did look good (we did not get them), but my omelet was average and the hash browns were just not good. Whoever referred to that place is "amazing" had a way different experience than we did. Great creme brulee though! I was bummed because the atmosphere is really cute, but the wait was awful and we went on a snow day. May try it again and just choose differently. Gonna try Smoke one of these next few weekends. If you are just hungry and really want a buffet type, Blue Mesa is the most obvious choice. Some good options and certainly plenty of them....

La Duni Cafe
4620 McKinney Ave, Dallas, TX 75205

4514 Travis Street, Dallas, TX 75205