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Why Does Ketchup on a Hot Dog Piss People Off?

Ketchup is essentially the same sugar/acid combo that people everywhere have found goes well with meat and fish. Chutneys, chimichurri, salsa, you name it. Hell, even relish is not that different. Likewise with the way NY hotdog vendors do their onions. Stop trying to look cool and admit you like ketchup on your hotdogs, poseurs.

Why New York Hates Third-Wave Coffee

I'm glad there's good coffee in NYC for those who want it, but I agree that more NYers are happy to drink the same workmanlike coffee they've always had. But not because of revulsion to things pretentious. A "regular" bodega coffee in New York is pretty specific thing. Put it in a Greek cup and it's comfort food. We all think our mother's meatloaf (or matzo balls) are the best because that's what we grew up with.

Mar 02, 2012
Sam_Bklyn in Features

5 Good Reasons to Complain at Restaurants

@cleopatra999 and @meatfortress: In defense of waystosavemoney, s/he is pretty much right on the money, at least in terms of my experience working in a variety or restaurants as a server and I thought of most of those things as I was reading the above tips. Part of the reason I hesitate to complain about something at a restaurant is because I can imagine the server having to go back and explain the situation to a hostile cook. A patron can make your life difficult for a night, but a cook with a grudge can make it difficult for your tenure there. I will also back up the theory that it gets less like that the more fine the dining.

Sep 23, 2011
Sam_Bklyn in Features

Easy Fish Tacos

I made this too and it was pretty good (garnished with the linked salsa verde recipe, slaw with green cabbage, sour cream and avocado). I also halved-again the recipe which resulted in 3 tacos apiece for four people. Note: did not need to halve-again the slaw. I used a decent non-stick grill pan and the fish fell apart, which is okay I guess, but it sort of begs the question: what value is added by grilling? I understand if you have the outdoor grill fired up, but if cooking indoors, I guess I'd recommend sauteeing in a regular skillet with a little oil. It's less messy and I generally find fish fillets more flavorful this way. And since it's broken up, the grill lines aren't really a factor. Still: yummy recipe.

Jul 05, 2011
Sam_Bklyn in Recipes

Recs for Weekday breakfast in North Park Slope, Brooklyn?

I'm looking for a sit-down place in North Park Slope that serves reasonably-priced breakfast fare. Specifically, I'd like to stay in the Flatbush-4th/5th Avenue area (so I guess I'm looking at Boerum Hill, also). Must be open by 8:30. Any ideas? Thanks.

Feb 23, 2011
Sam_Bklyn in Outer Boroughs