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Sushi Spots Near The Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood

I like Ike. I also like Shintaro, which I would call walkable.
1900 N. Highland (at Franklin


Shintaro Restaurant
1900 N Highland Ave Ste 5, Los Angeles, CA 90068

Yamashiro's Farmers Market

I walked up to the farmer's market two weeks ago and it was no problem at all. I think that if you trend towards exhibiting common sense while walking, you'll be fine, too.

Essex Public House on Hollywood Review with pics

I live in the neighborhood and have been twice. It is far from pretentious. The staff is friendly and accommodating and the overall vibe is very laid back. I agree with the earlier assessment of the food falling between pub-grub and gastro-pub. While nothing on the menu is ground-breaking it's definitely an option I'll exercise again.

Anyone familiar with The Boulevard?

Interesting. I was there (for the first time) on what was supposed to be their last night in business. It was listed as their last night on their website, too. However, that note is no longer on their website and their phone number is still in order.

Eastern Carolina Barbeque in LA?

Sorry, I guess I'm not as educated in Carolina as I thought. Admittedly, I thought Carolina style was Carolina style. The pulled pork sauce I make (touted N.Carolina style) is a mustard-vinegar-(and ketchup) sauce and I guess I never was aware of all the various intricacies in regard to Carolina barbecue styles.

Eastern Carolina Barbeque in LA?

Zeke's Smokehouse has a vinegar based sauce. I'm a fan of their pulled pork sandwiches.

Zeke's Smokehouse
2209 Honolulu Ave, Montrose, CA 91020

Zeke's Smokehouse
7100 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90046

Anyone familiar with The Boulevard?

It closed for business two weeks ago.

Best pupusas in LA???

I'll continue with this recently revived old post. I just tried the queso con frijoles and revueltas con todo pupusas at El Salvador con Sabor today. After I ordered, it was recommended that I try the spinach & cheese pupusa. I said I'd save it for my next visit...and I will visit again. Thanks for the recommendation.

Good restaurants with great deals in tough times?

Cheebo on Sunset in Hollywood has an "Afternoon Delight" special that will get you a house salad, any one of their pizzas (or one of a few other options such as mac and cheese, sandwich option, etc), and a glass of house wine or beer for $9.95. Deal runs M-F from 3-6 PM.

7533 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90046

Caramelized onions - How long will they last in my fridge?

Thanks, All.

Jan 13, 2009
hungry_monkey in Home Cooking

Caramelized onions - How long will they last in my fridge?

Thanks in advance.

Jan 12, 2009
hungry_monkey in Home Cooking

Please help for tonight - was going to go to Cafe Wa s, but need new rec. based on Chow reviews

What about The Hungry Cat in the same complex as Was?

Hollywood Men @ Highland in Hollywood

Practically across the street is the Hollywood Roosevelt hotel. You can get tasty burgers and such at 25 Degrees. About four blocks east of Highland is also the new outpost of Loteria Grill (originally in the Farmer's Market).

25 Degrees Restaurant
7000 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Loteria Grill Hollywood
6627 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028

"football food" in brooklyn?

Yikes. Thanks for letting me know.

Oct 22, 2008
hungry_monkey in Outer Boroughs

"football food" in brooklyn?

I admittedly haven't been in a few years, but what about Cousins II on Court (and about Bergen)?

Oct 22, 2008
hungry_monkey in Outer Boroughs

Molecular Gastronomy In LA?

I just returned from a trip to Chicago and Alinea. I did tasting not touring, but as I know you know, you're in for quite a treat.

Alinea - Tips for a virgin visit

I just returned from a trip to Chicago and from the tasting menu at Alinea. After reading the boards, I had mentioned to one of our servers the idea of splitting the wine pairing vs. each doing the wine pairing. He mentioned that you do not get a glass of wine per course, a few share a pour. They are also willing to work with you - if you want more, they'll pour more, if you want less, they'll pour less, and will charge accordingly. They said that the full wine pairing is roughly equivalent to about 3 full glasses of wine. A very enjoyable and memorable night.

Oct 15, 2008
hungry_monkey in Chicago Area

Azami Sushi gender switch

Eater LA posted about this earlier in the week.

Best pancake flavors at the Griddle (Not with nuts, though!)

You can also request a "half order", which is slightly less food. I believe that you only save $1.00 from menu price, but I consider it less guilt on the waste (waist?) aspect.

Best pancake flavors at the Griddle (Not with nuts, though!)

I love the Saturday Morning Fever pancakes - the one with Bailey's and Kahlua!

Verrazano Pizza?

I was just on La Brea and a sign in the window at the former site of The Pig says "Coming Soon Verrazano Pizza". Does anyone know anything about these guys? Thanks.

Wedding Planning - Calamigos Ranch

I recently attended a wedding at Calamigos and thought the food to be very mediocre. It was sit-down service. When I got married I used New York Food Company. They run Verandas in Manhattan Beach and La Venta in Palos Verdes. I know that they also do catering outside of their venues as well. I don't know how the pricing compares between using one of their venues to not, but I found the food to be quite good and many guests said the same.

Venison in LA??

My husband called Bristol Farms to place a special order for venison. I don't know if this the case all the time, but was told that they couldn't deliver on venison tenderloin, but could provide elk tenderloin the following day and "you won't be able to tell the difference".

best pizza @ mozza?

I'm currently a big fan of the speck, bufala mozzarella, olive tapenade, and oregano pizza.

Belgian Beer & Fritte?

I went to 3rd Stop a few weeks ago and the guy at the door said that they were having problems with the liquor license and so that is why they had to be stricter about the door/seating/bar policy.

Pancetta in Hollywood?

I get pancetta from the deli counter at Bristol Farms.

ISO fresh pita

I've tried the pitta and hummus at Swingers. Sadly, I don't remember the pita as I was too focused on the fact that my hummus was half frozen. A Middle Eastern place in my old neighborhood in Brooklyn (Zaytoon's) made their own pita and it's really such a difference-maker. It's pretty much my first food stop everytime I go back.

ISO fresh pita

I've searched previous posts and seen a lot of dialogue on hummus, but I'd love to hear your recommendations for places that make their own pita. Mostly, I'm looking for suggestions of Middle Eastern restaurants that make their own pita, but I'd be willing to compromise if necessary. Thanks.

Someplace good near LAX?

I would suggest Caffe Pinguini. Good, quick food at reasonable prices and a nice outdoor patio.
6935 Pacific Av.
Playa Del Rey

Dinner Near Greek Theater -- Advice?

Speranza - 2547 Hyperion (Silver Lake)
Simple Italian food at reasonable prices with an outdoor patio. Most pasta dishes come with the option of fresh pasta for small incremental cost of $4.00. BYOB. There's no liquor license and no corkage fee.