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Anyone been to...

I went to Il Foro for lunch the shortly after they opened (July 10 to be exact). I had trout and my husband had meatballs with polenta. It doesn't look like either preparation is on the menu anymore. My trout was good (it has been a while since we've been so that is all I can remember). My husband was really happy with his meal too. We started with the carpaccio and enjoyed it.

The place was empty. It was a Friday and we were on the early end of the lunch hour. The service was good and if I recall correctly, their wine by the glass list was as well. I think they did a great job with the dining room. I will definitely try it again.

Sesame Cafe/highway 7/Minnetonka Mn

I was there a few weeks ago but didn't eat dim sum. They had carts but I'm not sure if everything was in the carts.

My Chinese friend said she has heard good things about them but hasn't been personally.

Odd ID situation: when is "Valid" considered not valid enough?

I'd like to know what establishment so I don't go there (just because of principal).

Pimento cheese

Went over like gang busters tonight. Plus when I mentioned to my husband that I was making it for the party he insisted I make enough for home too. Super tasty stuff homemade and not hard at all.

Pimento cheese

Make your own.

This is my "base" recipe: .

Not exactly what I do but close. I'm a Texan and I get cravings for pimento cheese. I have a party tomorrow night and I have to bring an appetizer. This thread helped me decide what to make.

Best French (style) Pastries

I hit Patrick's last month. Bought a couple of croissants (almond and chocolate) and an apple turnover. Everything was tough and dry. At least of half of each one was thrown out. It was so disappointing.

My local place is Patisserie Margo. Compared to Patrick's, they are really good. I live in the burbs so I don't have experience with the others.

American Chinese with atmosphere?

We tried Sesame Cafe for lunch on Sunday because of your post. It is near us but we had no clue it was there. The place was full of extended families who were there for dim sum. We didn't have dim sum though. For appetizers we had pot stickers and cream cheese puffs. The pot stickers were the fullest, fattest we've ever had and were delicious. The cheese puffs were good too. Everyone was happy with their entrees - sesame chicken, kung pao chicken, sweet and sour chicken, and a veg curry. All of the entree vegetables were fresh and not over cooked. We definitely have plans to go back.

4 Bells

We ate there last night. It was a pre-theatre meal so we weren't very hungry since it was so early. My daughter and I both had the cobb salad. The salad was lovely. The lettuce crisp, lots of ripe avocado, lightly roasted grape tomatoes, nice little chunks of bacon, a soft boiled egg. The dressing was fresh and herby with a jalapeƱo kick. The chicken was sliced in a couple of large pieces from a fried breast and was really good. My husband had the roasted chicken. He ate it all and said it was really good.

We ordered the biscuits and they were really bad. Dry and dense. Whoever made them definitely overworked the dough and hopefully they can figure it out. They were such a disappointment. The butter was honey butter but also had a sprinkling of salt on the top which was a little weird.

The service was good. We didn't try anything from the bar.

Saleh Hamshari's awesome chicken

I will gently give him a push the next time I see him or his wife (I usually see his wife and will mention the rub). I talked to him a couple a years ago about the chickens but he just wasn't feeling it.

Costco Food Finds - 2nd Quarter 2015

That tres leeches cake is really, really good.

Jun 16, 2015
suburban_mom in Chains

best restaurant for fresh high quality raw oysters

My husband and I had oysters at Sea Change over Memorial Day weekend. They were great.

Who owns the leftovers?

It is either yours or it belongs to the dog who lives in the house with the refrigerator (just joking about the second part, see my post on this subject).

I think it is quite self centered to assume that just because one supplies the refrigeration they are entitled to the food.

May 21, 2015
suburban_mom in Not About Food

Solo dining recs near Miracle Mile, North Loop

You must be a doctor. I had a heck of a time getting a reasonably priced hotel room for next weekend because of that giant conference. I do appreciate your questions though because I may have some meals alone too.

May 21, 2015
suburban_mom in Chicago Area

"Can I transfer these drinks to my table"?

Had a waitress offer that when we were on Spring Break and at the pool. She didn't transfer the bar bill to our food bill like she offered. We got billed twice for the drinks. Luckily the hotel figured it out quickly when we pointed out the error and made note of the waitress.

Apr 22, 2015
suburban_mom in Not About Food

Who owns the leftovers?

At least HE ate it, my "special" leftovers were fed to the dogs. I no longer speak to my in-laws. Not because of that event but it should have been a clue to me of things to come.

Graduation cake

Costco makes tasty cheap cakes. With the number of kids you will have to serve, it might be your best option.

Are you the main shopper/cook at home?

I do 95% of the shopping and cooking but I'm also the stay at home parent so it makes sense. I totally get into ruts and even though I enjoy cooking have times where I just don't want to. I think I wouldn't run into ruts if I could cook what ever I wanted not worrying about the food preferences of my kids.

I have one that doesn't like fish, eggs, or potatoes in any form besides a fry or chip (not even a tot). I have another one who recently doesn't like steak. Neither one will eat beets, quiche, cauliflower, quinoa, kale or any cooked greens. Add busy schedules for activities and sometimes I have a big challenge on my hands.

I started a pinterest board devoted to things I can make when those 2 kids are out of the nest.

Gumbo nuf said

I'm no help because I make my own. I prefer okra in mine.

I seldom see it as a regular menu offering. Usually it is the soup of the day.

Restaurants with good gluten free options

THanks for all the suggestions so far!

Restaurants with good gluten free options

I have a friend whose daughter is going to play a lot of hockey here in MSP. My friend is gluten free. Can you fellow Chowhounds help me come up with a list of restaurants with good gluten free options.

She has already given a thumbs up to the gf pizza at Pizza Luce although the rural Wisconsin girl that she is had a problem with the price.

Your favorite Barbecue Places and the best places in TC

I like Baker's Ribs in Eden Prairie for Texas style bbq. Al, the owner, is from Texas and opened the restaurant about 20 years ago. My favorites are his sausage, ribs and brisket. I also crave his potato salad. They don't have a liquor license but you can get everything to go.

I don't really eat bbq anywhere else in the Twin Cities.

Fun restaurant between airport and Chanhassen

This might be too late but I live in Chan and we like Tavern 4 & 5 at Hwy 5 and Eden Prairie Road (CR 4). I don't know if I would call it "fun" but it is solid family friendly food. Plus they make their own tater tots.

Mussels not de-bearded?

Now I want mussels for dinner.

Mar 16, 2015
suburban_mom in General Topics

Mussels not de-bearded?

Now I want mussels and clams for dinner.

Mar 16, 2015
suburban_mom in General Topics

Travelers: what unique ingredient should I buy as a souvenir and what recipe should I make with it?

I am also a honey collector. I like how each honey reflects the place it is from.

Mar 16, 2015
suburban_mom in General Topics

Cov Wayzata Restaurant/ in Wayzata

My most recent visit was lunch on Saturday. I have not been disappointed. I've been several times for lunch and dinner. The worst thing is they don't take reservations. We've eaten all over the menu.

Minnesota-made food items for gift basket?

I have no food items to add. I've done something similar in the past and I made a compilation cd (aka mix tape) of Minnesota artists to add to the basket becuase we have some awesome musicians here.

Modern Cafe

And the article is right about that pot roast. The first thing to pop into my head when I think about the Modern is that amazing pot roast.

U of MN TC recs - March 2015

I don't think the cool decor at Loring Pasta Bar makes up for the mediocre food. Don't go there.

Kitchen towels - am I just being OCD about this?

Did they have separate rocks for underwear and kitchen towels?