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Gloria's Pizza

After 11 years finally the mystery is solved.
Flushing born & raised (now 52) I can vouch that:

a) Amore is pretty damn close to Gloria's - just had it 2 wks ago. Have been going there snce it opened sporadically since @ 1988 (as I moved away in 1991) but never made the (re-)connection until about 3 years ago

b) LaVera as nice as they seem in there taste *nothing* like Gloria's/Amore - what's the connection?

c) PM/Lucia (across from Gertz and as they were next to my buses home (Q15/Q16's) they were my preferred stop) was almost exactly like Gloria's but if we wanted a perfect pie(s) we had to come back to the mothership by car IIRC whole pies were a special request at PM! PM's soda cups listed all 3 Gloria' sorelli & addresses- Gloria's PM, Marguerita on Jamaica Ave. Don't remember where Marguerita's was exactly, (across from the RKO Alden/Martin Paint?) I may have gone there once.

d) I believe Hurdy Gurdy predated Lucia but the only thing HG ever had over them was more seating. I usually had to stand at the "shelf" facing the wall in PM and eat due to SRO Sat afternoon crowds.

Making the rounds of old Main St,/Roosevelt Ave. then stopping in for a few fresh hot slices and a Coke - precious memories!

In the Main St area there were a few other parlors - the one I can't remember the name of (just 25c hot slice neon sign) on Northern near Sportsworld was OK and before my time somewhere in the vicinity of Gloria the Triple Nickel (up Kissena near the library?). For my family & friends Gloria's was #1 and its demise may have marked the exact moment when downtown Flushing "jumped the shark"

PS I also wanted to mention that back in the day up Northern I liked the bar pie at the Gable Inn and the Greek pizza at Fontana. The latter is still going AFAIK and I heard the Gable Inn was reopening after
being shuttered for years. Pizza Garden was another standby,

Feb 22, 2011
avk2 in Outer Boroughs