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Heavy Lunch - Route 1 Southern Maine

Hurricane was underwhelming and overpriced, would not recommend to Chows.

Aug 23, 2013
Chowhound in Boston in Northern New England

Been to Trade yet?

Went last night for dinner. Loud, for sure, in part because of the massive bar that takes up much of the space. In contrast, the glassed-in side room was a little on the depressing side (close-up view of the kitchen and wait-station).

Small plates are exceptionally tiny. We could have used 6 of them for our table of 4 (which is staggering given the prices). Also presentation was weak -- the fluke was splayed out in bits with a few herb leaves on top and looked very unappetizing. Squid was tasty but miniscule. Lamb sausage flatbread was fine, but not as good as a similar dish at the Flatbread chain. At least with the flatbread we got more than a mouthful each, though. Unexpectedly, the best appetizer we had was the fried dough w/ prosciutto - great texture and flavor.

Main courses were also underwhelming -- whole fish (scup) was bony and hard to eat; lobster was not really grilled and was swimming in sauce; and short ribs were a bit small and dry. We had been informed by the waiter that the sides would be inadequate (that also drives me crazy, at these prices) and were encouraged to order an extra side. The brussels sprouts we chose were charred and bitter, but the accompanying sauce was tasty. Apple crostada for dessert was good.

Overall disappointing and not a great value. Had we not know this was a Jody Adams restaurant, we never would have guessed based on the food. Won't be back, except maybe for a drink and (very) small plate after work.

Nov 13, 2011
Chowhound in Boston in Greater Boston Area

The Red Rooster - anybody been?

Are we making a mistake to bring kids (under age 7) to a 5:30pm dinner seating at Red Rooster over Memorial Day weekend? We usually do fine but in most places but are we going to run into trouble here? Yelp reviews say it's not good for kids... Thanks for any help.

Red Rooster
310 Lenox Ave, New York, NY 10027

Apr 28, 2011
Chowhound in Boston in Manhattan

Blue Ginger Renovation?

Has anyone been to Blue Ginger since it reopened?

Jul 03, 2008
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New to Newton/Watertown

I'm surprised no one has mentioned Stellina in Watertown. Reliably good Italian and easy to get a table if you call ahead.

Aug 28, 2007
Chowhound in Boston in Greater Boston Area

Romantic dining in Boston

My pick is actually the Monday Bar at Upstairs on the Square in Harvard Square. Atmosphere is upscale but lively and quirky (they managed to salvage some of the old Upstairs at the Pudding atmosphere vs. the deadly pink nightmare that's their new formal dining room) and we've always had good luck with the menu there (though I think you can order from the dining room menu as well).

Aug 28, 2007
Chowhound in Boston in Greater Boston Area

Eating in/near Old Montreal with a toddler

For future searchers, thought I'd post that we had a great time with our 3 year old and newborn at Lemeac last week. Seems like they're accustomed to small chowhounds (the waiters greeted a "regular" in her Fisher Price booster, and they had markers/coloring books at the ready) but I should clarify that they don't have high chairs -- only booster seats -- so babies are out of luck. Highly recommend the heated outdoor section, or the banquette/booths at the back of the resto.

Aug 28, 2007
Chowhound in Boston in Quebec (inc. Montreal)