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Need feedback on Blue Star wall ovens. Any problems out there?

Sorry that you have had to go through similar problems to mine. I have a freestanding blue star gas range, which was delivered to me factory dropped. The box stood in my garage until we were ready to install it. We were shocked when after opening a non-damaged box to find a dented stove inside. Blue star replaced the dented side, but we had to pay for the service man. Then we had problems with the starters on the stove. They would just start sparking for no reason. When I called blue star they tried to act as if this was all normal and that it was just electrical charges in the atmosphere. Once again they finally sent me new starters but I had to pay for the service repair.
Then the oven started arcing sending large sparks onto the floor of my kitchen. The most infuriating part was when the representative a man named Pete Bloodgood, asked me why I thought that this was dangerous. By this time I was absolutely livid. The appliance store was no help and I actually sent blue star a letter outlining all of my complaints and received no reply. Although the range cooks well, I would not recommend this brand to anyone. I would also recommend buying from an appliance store that services the items that they sell.

Oct 24, 2012
Gable610 in Cookware

Which all gas 36 in. range to buy.... Wolf or Blue Star?

Don't buy a blue star! Mine was delivered factory dropped. The box was fine but the stove had a great big dent. Blue star replaced the panel but then the burners kept sparking at random times when it wasn't turned on. Even though I complained I had to pay for the repairman to replace the ignitors. Then my stove started arcing, ( throwing huge sparks onto my kitchen floor) When I called the company Pete Bloodgood actually had the nerve to ask, 'What makes you think that is dangerous?" It turned out that there was a factory recall because my stove was wired incorrectly and yes, I had to pay for the repairman for that one too. To this day I cannot light all four burners at once. I would rip this stove out if I could afford to!

Feb 22, 2011
Gable610 in Cookware