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Seeking Recommendations for Dowtown Business Dinner

Truly appreciate the recommendations and feedback - if it were my own pocketbook I'd be happy to up the spending limit, but corporate budgets are what they are!

I'm happy to report that Local360 and the Purple Cafe & Wine Bar have been able to offer menu selections that we could work with budget-wise and are a great fit for the group. We're looking forward to our dining experiences later this year!

Mar 24, 2015
ForFoodsSake in Greater Seattle

Seeking Recommendations for Dowtown Business Dinner

Thanks for the feedback!

It looks like Local 360 has a private room that they can put us in, so that is definitely going on the short list, leaving me with one more night to find a restaurant for.

After further research and based on the comments here, I am going to nix Barolo and Barrio from my list since they're likely too loud for my group (though may try to sneak off to Barrio on the days before the group arrives), and Canlis because it's too formal for the group (not really a sport coat crowd).

The other restaurants mentioned definitely look interesting, so I'll be looking into those further - thank you for the advice. Any other recs would be welcomed and appreciated!

Mar 16, 2015
ForFoodsSake in Greater Seattle

Seeking Recommendations for Dowtown Business Dinner

Hello Seattle Hounds -

Hoping that all of you can help me with a dinner recommendation for a group of ~ 20 in July. I'm looking for restaurants with a private room or with large enough seating arrangements to seat the group together.

I need to keep the bill around $50 - $65pp (before tax, tip, and alcohol). Many of our colleagues are from Western Europe and Asia, so I'd prefer not to serve them something that they can get at home if I can avoid it. Good wine and/or beer menu is a must. We do have the standard assortment allergies to accommodate. Walking distance (< 1 mile) from Hotel Monaco would be appreciated, but not a deal breaker. A place with water views would be a bonus.

So far I've looked at:
-Local 360 (this looks right up our alley)
-Barolo (looks great; will communal table be conducive to conversation?)
-Canlis (afraid this will be a bit too formal for my group)
-Barrio (worried that this may be too loud for a conversation)

Any feedback on any of the above options, or additional recommendations that would suit the group? Thanks in advance for your help!

Mar 16, 2015
ForFoodsSake in Greater Seattle

SF Dinner Restaurants for Business Group

bbulkow - thanks for the rec. Zare is on my list of places to try after my group leaves, as I've decided to stay in the city for a few extra days.

SF Dinner Restaurants for Business Group

Ended up getting bookings at Absinthe, Perbacco, and Etoile at Domaine Chandon. Will report back in August!

What's your order at Chipotle?

Burrito bowl with brown rice, fajita veggies, barbacoa, mild salsa, medium corn salsa, sour cream, guac, and cheese. Yumm.

May 26, 2013
ForFoodsSake in Chains

Help a Canadian Chowhound narrow down my list - Alexandria, VA to Floyd, VA

In/near Floyd, I would definitely stop at Chateau Morrisette. That is one place that I really miss from living in the area. Have a friend still there who loves Micky G's (always raves about the chef's special), but I haven't personally eaten there.

In Roanoke, J Alexander's is great. I've also had a pretty solid meal (excellent starters, good entree, great dessert) at Local Roots.

The Inn at Patowmack Farm or Trummers on Main

I've been to Trummers but not Patowmack. Trummers has great drinks and service, and the food is good but has seemed a little gimmicky the last few times I've been (really into the food powders, foams, etc.). The men in our group always complain that the portions are too small, bu they are steak and potato kind of guys. I think it's great and interesting the first time you go, and then the luster starts to wear off again.

Tourist Weekend in Washington DC

Check out Central Michel Richard - it's been a while since I've been, but the last time I was there the food was solid and we were easily able to get out the door for under $50 at lunch.

DC pizza and tapas

I'm personally partial to Matchbox on the pizza front. They have a wood fired oven and the pizza has been consistently good whenever I've been there. They'll also let you do half and half of their specialty pizzas if you want to try multiples!

I like Jaleo for tapas, but it's been quite a while since I've been.

SF Dinner Restaurants for Business Group

Carrie, thanks for the recommendations - am planning to book ASAP. If Etoile doesn't work out, will consider the catering approach!

SF Dinner Restaurants for Business Group

Thank you, Robert - Alfred's looks like a place that our group will enjoy. Hoping that I can make Etoile work out, as I know several in the group would really enjoy getting out to a winery.

SF Dinner Restaurants for Business Group

Hello all,

I am headed to San Francisco in August for a meeting with about 20 - 25 international colleagues. We'll be staying about 2 blocks east of Union Square Park, and need dinner ideas for 3-4 evenings.


Prefer locations that are within easy walking/public transport distance from the hotel; would be willing to drive 1 evening for something unique.

Have 1 person with seafood allergy (will eat at locations serving seafood but need to avoid restaurants that are primarily seafood) and 1 who is gluten-free.

Most of our colleagues come from western Europe, China, and Japan. Looking to provide one nice steakhouse meal, a good mexican/latin inspired restaurant, and am open to suggestions for the rest. Would love to find a winery or craft brewery within an hour drive that serves a meal with a tasting of their products.

Am looking to spend about $75/pp (not including drinks/wine). Can be somewhat flexible on that.

Prefer a location with a private room so that our group can carry on conversation easily.

So far, am considering the following and would appreciate feedback or additional suggestions:

Wayfare Tavern
Mateo's Cocina Latina

Thank you in advance for any help - will definitely report back when we've returned!

An East Coast Chowie

The Melting Pot

I really enjoy the salad and cheese fondue, and that's about it for me. Not really a fan of the main course fondue. I'm not a huge chocolate person (the horrors!), but dessert was tasty. I think if I went again I'd just overindulge in the cheese course! Have had the spinach and artichoke and swiss cheese courses, and enjoyed both.

Nov 18, 2012
ForFoodsSake in Chains

Pre-cooked Thanksgiving Dinner - Wegmans vs Whole Foods

We had some of the Wegman's options at a relative's house last year, and liked those. I haven't had the Whole Foods version, so can't comment on how they compare!

Nov 18, 2012
ForFoodsSake in Chains

French Onion Soup, Inner Harbor

I can't remember how easy it would be to get to from the Inner Harbor, but One-Eye Mike's has good French Onion Soup. The Greene Turtle also has it - I haven't eaten at the Baltimore location, but I had it somewhere else and it was reasonably good. - other options. Good luck!

Roanoke VA- where to find a flawless dinner and breakfast for 2, money is no object.

It's been about a year since I've been back, but I've eaten at a few of the places on your list.

Local Roots was overall very good. If memory serves, I had some sort of cauliflower soup (I really liked it), chicken 3 ways (liked 2 of the preparations but not the third, just a personal preference on my part, not bad prep on theirs) and a creme brulee (not very memorable). Very friendly service, cute little restaurant.

Thelma's Chicken and Waffles is a good, stick to your ribs, Southern style breakfast. It's very no-frills, nothing fancy, but just good basic food. It was slammed the day we were there (there was a parade downtown), so service was very slow, but very polite.

I've only been to the Famous Anthony's in Blacksburg, but I'd hazard a guess that the Roanoke one is about the same. I used to like breakfast there, but it is more of a greasy spoon type location.

Blue Collar Joes is closed :(

Not that you need to add to your list, but my college roommate who lives in Roanoke always recommends Frankie Rowland's Steakhouse to people for dinner.

I would second the recommendation for Hotel Roanoke. I can't remember when the farmer's market dies down for the year, but on weekends with good weather there are some great farmer's stands in the downtown area.

Sep 05, 2012
ForFoodsSake in Mid-Atlantic

Birthday dinner 10 adults 6 kids nice but non-foodie

Clyde's at Willow Creek in Ashburn might be a good option for you. Another thought is Trummer's on Main -- it's a little more "adventurous" in that they seem to be into using foams and powders and other trendy food tricks, but good for the non-adventurous crowd since they use cuts of meat, etc. that are easily recognizable and familiar (though, might not be the best environment for young kids). Zefirelli in Herndon may also be an option -- good italian food!

Restaurants in Loudoun County, VA

Another vote for Magnolia's at the Mill!

Sep 01, 2012
ForFoodsSake in Mid-Atlantic

Pizza Hut Chicken Wings

The wings at the Pizza Hut near our old apartment (Ashburn, VA circa 2010) were awful. They were gummy on the outside and had a really chewy texture. I got brave and tried them again a few months later, hoping that I just got a bad batch, and no such luck.

Sep 01, 2012
ForFoodsSake in Chains

The cheapest possible wedding reception in DC... Help please :)

My best suggestion would be to look into one of the rented venues that some people have suggested here, and call some caterers with your budget and see what they can offer you. We frequently use La Prima, Amfora, and Corner Bakery at work and they are very good at making something work for whatever the budget is. For what you're looking to spend, you could probably do a nice hors d'oeuvres menu instead of a meal.

What is a sister to do? Rehearsal Dinner Baltimore MD near the Rennaisance Hotel Inner Harbor

Cinghiale has a couple of private rooms that might fit your bill. They have a 3 course tasting menu that comes in at $29 per person (see the right hand side of the menu at They were very accommodating for a business dinner I had there in the past, so they may be able to work with you on a more customized menu.

Best entree salad in Northern Virginia

Like I said above, I'm admittedly not a hard core salad eater, but I find the salads at the Great American Restaurants to be well mixed and served in vessels large enough to allow me to poke around and find what I want without making a mess. Can't really speak to the salads other places as I don't have memories of them being well mixed or not.

Brand new to cooking.

When I first started cooking and had no idea how to do anything, somebody gave me a copy of the Food Network's How to Boil Water Cookbook ( It was very helpful as it contains step by step, easy instructions that weren't intimidating for someone new to the kitchen.

Once I got a bit more comfortable cooking some basic items, I started going to the library and borrowing cookbooks that looked interesting and expanding from there.

Jul 08, 2012
ForFoodsSake in Home Cooking

Best entree salad in Northern Virginia

I really like the Mango Chicken and Spiced Pecan salad at Coastal Flats. It is a bed of field greens served over cous cous, with mango, chicken, pecans, grapes, cranberries, and a ginger vinaigrette. I'm not a salad lover by any stretch of the imagination and I crave that salad constantly.

I believe they have a restaurant in one of the Tysons Malls, I tend to frequent the one in Fairfax Corner.

Reasonable, non-chain restaurant good for group dinner in Fairfax, Falls Church, Alexandria, or Arlington?

The GAR still don't accept reservations (at least the last time I tried for work, which was fairly recent), but some of them will accept call ahead about 30 minutes prior to your arrival.

They were the first local chain that came to mind for me too. We like Sweetwater, Uncle Julio's, and Coastal Flats.

Virginia Tech - Blacksburg

Well that's sad - Zeppoli's was a staple when I was there for school (especially since they'd sell fresh pasta, ravioli, etc. by the pound)!

Awful Arthurs is bad. I really don't like Boudreaux's food, but enjoy the drinks and some of the desserts.

Jun 13, 2012
ForFoodsSake in Mid-Atlantic

Rotel uses please

Sausage Dip! I can rotel, 1 tube hot breakfast sausage, 1 8oz pack of cream cheese. Brown your sausage, then dump everything into a crock pot and warm on medium heat until everything can be stirred together. It looks gross, but it's highly addictive.

Jun 12, 2012
ForFoodsSake in Home Cooking

Virginia Tech - Blacksburg

There is some good food to be had in Blacksburg, but most of it is not what many on Chowhound would call upscale. Here are some offerings:

Zeppoli's in Blacksburg for reasonable Italian, Blackstone Grill in Christiansburg for steakhouse type food. If you have the time to wander to Roanoke, Table 50 or Frankie Rowland's might fit the bill. Local Roots Cafe in Roanoke was also good the last time I was there.

I am personally not a fan of Bull and Bones for anything other than bar food and beer. If you want some other good food (but not upscale) options around Blacksburg, try The Cellar, Mike's Grill, Gillie's (go for breakfast!!!), Macado's (sandwiches). There are lots of little hole in the wall places around Main St. right at the edge of campus. Boudreaux's usually has the roof open this time of year and makes for a nice evening drink atmosphere.

Ahh...I miss Blacksburg!

Here are some more ideas:

Jun 12, 2012
ForFoodsSake in Mid-Atlantic

Virginia Beach Eats

Leaping Lizard Cafe is a bit away from the Oceanfront area, but very good.

Jun 10, 2012
ForFoodsSake in Mid-Atlantic