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I'm in Gothenburg for a conference until the 25th September - What eateries recommendations does anyone have?

What eateries recommendations does anyone have?

Sep 20, 2013
The Big Foody in Europe

Foodie highlights in Lille

Thanks Guys. L'Huitriere is a family favourite, so I'm looking forward to heading back there. Do you know if they still have the sister bistro?

Aug 28, 2013
The Big Foody in France

Foodie highlights in Lille

We're off to Lille in 3 weeks for a weekend and as it's been 10 years since the last visit I'd love to hear what people recommend

Aug 27, 2013
The Big Foody in France

Auckland lunches with kids

Hi Hope it's not too late. The Auckland Fish Market is great for kids as there is lots of space and a sand pit. If you have a car, Kohu Road Creamery in Portage Road is only 10 mins from the CBD and has a great cafe for kids.

There are so many great takeaway restaurants, most Asian styles have take away. Zap4 Thai in Commerce St is very good, Parnel has lots of take out.

Auckland essentials?

It's not the greatest of places for dinner! If you've got 6 hours, I would head towards Dominion Road or Onehunga for good food. Dominion Road is the golden Mile of food. Great Asian and easy to get to from the airport

New Zealand must dine's

Dine, The Grill and Depot are all great. You can't book for Depot, so be prepared for a little wait. There are a number of Thai restaurants on Albert Street. One of my favourites is on Commerce St, called Zap4 - super cheap and great food. If you want more of a dining experience than noodle cafe, Mai Thai opposite Sky City is good and Sawadee Thai on Ponsonby Road. The one you are thinking is probably Thai Chilli or Grasshopper, both of which are ok :)
Have an amazing time in Auckland

Help with Mussels..

They go rubbery when overcooked. Mussels only need a few minutes to cook well. Depending on where you are going in NZ I would try and get some in the Marlborough Sounds where they are farmed and every family has a mussel fritter recipe. They are perfect with a chardonnay, lightly oaked, The Babich Irongate or a Moana Park.
Light Pinot Noirs are also great with mussels. Get in touch with our boss here and she might cook you mussels - she's done it for other visitors :)

Restaurant recommendations needed for New Zealand

If the weather is nice, I would walk down to the Britomart. On the east side of the Westpac building there is a great French Cafe, L'Assiette - croissant and coffee and a walk on the waterfront always a great way to start the day. No Diners to speak of - there is a Denny's but really....! There are a gazillion cafes serving food, Chancery has a couple of good one, but they are all pricing for breakfast. I would aim for L'Assiette and enjoy.

Restaurant recommendations needed for New Zealand

My favourite place for coffee is Millers on Cross St. Only open 7-12 during the week, it is very very cool! White and Black coffee only, no skinny, latte, definitely no soy, just great coffee.

Restaurant recommendations needed for New Zealand

The Portlander has opened at the Rydges in Wellington and is very good - they might still be serving if you are coming in late.

Restaurant recommendations needed for New Zealand

Lucky you! Say Hi to Kevin the concierge, he is lovely!
Definitely got to Dine over Orbit. Depot, Bellota and The Grill are all excellent and within 10 strides of where you are staying. I have no preference over the 4 of them they are all brilliant! People who have done our tours have all been delighted by what Federal St has to offer. Just two blocks down is The Grove which is amazing. There is a very good cafe a bit further down called Federal and Wolfe which is one of my favourites.
Orbit is great for brunch at weekends when the weather is lovely.
Hope that helps

New Zealand must dine's

Both! This is 4 seasons in one day country :) We were touring with our guests this morning. It was cold and wet and blowing a gale. By lunchtime when we'd finished the food tour it was sunny and blue skies :)

Best bets dining in Nelson, Wanaka, Blenheim, Queenstown

Lucky you!!! The South Island is so stunning.
Nelson - Hopgoods and The Grape Escape are worth a visit. There is a German place I went to a long time again which was really good, I think it still exists.
In Blenheim I really enjoyed Wairau River a couple of years ago or take a picnic to Forrest Estate and enjoy the grounds and wine.
Have a great time

New Zealand brewpubs/breweries

We've got some great beers in NZ at the moment. In Auckland, Hallertau, Deep Creek Brewery, The Britomart Brewery are all awesome and easy to get to around Auckland. The Waiheke Island Brwery is definitely worth a trip across the harbour on the ferry.
When you drive out to Akaroa be sure to stop at Barry's Bay Cheese Factory is a must stop. The cheese is fab!
Hope this helps :)

New Zealand must dine's

Because it's the Christmas period some of the restaurants in the cities shut down for a week or 10 days so it's worth checking which ones are open. I know for sure Kermadec, Euro and The Foodstore in Auckland are open between Christmas and NYE (not Christmas day.) Clooney, The Grove and The French Cafe are fabulous. The Commons on the North Shore is great too. In Napier Restaurant Indonesia, Moana Park, Mister D, Clearwater and Mission Estate, Elephant Hill and Craggy Range are also lovely in Napier. Wellington is brilliant - highly recommend Duke Carvells, Floriditas and Matterhorn, Shed 5 is also very good. Waiheke Island in Auckland's Waitemata harbour is very definitely worth going to for a winery meal.
Hope this helps - have a fabulous time when you get here.

Maori in Auckland

Hi Mark
There are a number of Maori experiences around Auckland, but mainly on guided tours. Kermadec Fine and Merediths have aspects of Maori Cuisine in their dishes. As you head further down the North Island, Rotorua has more cultural experiences. Cazador on Dominion Road has fantastic NZ game.
Cheers Elle

Off to Brisbane for 5 days............ anyone got any recommendations for markets and restaurants

Heading off to Brisbane for 5 days and would love to hear peoples recommendations for restaurants (all ethnicities and prices cool) markets and specialist food shops. Thanks team

Restaurant recommendations needed for New Zealand

Late Sunday Night Wellington is not great for eating. If you're at the Rydges, they'll be able to advise you easily. Duke Carvell's is amazing as is Logan Brown, Shed 5 is good too. All will take bookings easily. They are Wellington based restaurants.
Lunch in Taupo: The Vine Eatery or have fun at The Prawn Farm on your way out. Fresh prawns bred in the thermal waters of Taupo. Touristy but fun. Bistro Lago at the Hilton is also very good.
Rotarua I'm told Mokoia is very good for Dinner.
Auckland - you are seriously spoiled for choice, The French Cafe and The Grove are amazing. Clooney, Soul, Sidart and Roxy are all spectacular. I would recommend booking for all of them. For lunch you may want to try Depot, O'Connell Street Bistro or District Dining.
Have a fabulous trip

Auckland in May: Breakfast, Picnic & Chai Latte

Check our Imperial Lane in the city between Queen St and Fort St, awesome cafe! Kohu Road Creamy in New Lynn is amazing too and you can get the bus out there. The North Shore has great cafe's especially Hinemoa St in Birkenhead and Takapuna has some great ones too.