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Easy Spinach Dal (Dhal, Dhall)

Just a few points. if what you are trying to make a Hindushati dall (Dal Indian way): The chana dal chickeas NOT split peas. (2)the turmeric is boiled along with the dal, & the amount mentioned here is way too much, (unless the turmeric used here is some concoction & mixted with fillers). (3)the vegetable too is boiled with the dal (4) the spices are not "fried" in butter, as butter does not do the job well. The fat of choice is Ghee (clarified butter) which has the temperature at which the whole cumin & whole spices get cooked to release the flavor, but oil is used too.) Once this dal is tempered with the spices fried in fat, dal is NEVER boiled. In fact, dal is cooked & kept. & when ready to be eaten, only whatever is to be consumed during a meal is reheated by bringing to a boil, & the freshly prepared temper (baghar/chhaunk/tadka as it is called in India) is added. It is this that gives the flavor & the taste It also makes it possible to used much less fat. Yes, individual portions get more ghee or butter added to it in the individual porton only, something like the Italians drizzle EVOO over hot food just before serving to enhace the flavor. This dish, on its own is very bland & FATLESS. The only fat is the one added during tempering, & that can be controlled. But the 8T of butter mentioned here is actually not a lot. The amount of dry dal makes so much of ready dish, that the fat peo porton comes down to actually barely 1 tsp to each portion, may be even less, which is much less than the body requirement if this is a part of the Indian styly meal in an Indian houshold. Happy eats...

Mar 11, 2013
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