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Miguel's Restaurant & Lounge - Belfast, PA - Lehigh Valley - Easton area

In all fairness to those who may choose to dine here, I must maintain that there are much better choices in the Lehigh Valley. We waited to discuss our disappointment with management, to no avail. I've dined at just about every good restaurant in my area and feel as though my opinion is worth a bit more than a mere bashing of a "new" business.

I will be posting some good area restaurants in the near future; establishments that I am confident in and do not feel as though I have to defend.

Mar 14, 2011
cdb32563 in Pennsylvania

Miguel's Restaurant & Lounge - Belfast, PA - Lehigh Valley - Easton area

My girlfriend & I were curious about this new restaurant that replaced Cafe Del Mar (a GOOD restaurant). It is located on Sullivan Trail. We ordered one of their signature dishes; Paella, for two people. The dish was $65.00 and we were a bit reluctant about ordering it for that price, but we assumed it would be a generous portion, as it is traditionally. Before it was served I ordered the oysters on half-shell at (5) for $14.00. They were small but good and yes; very expensive.

The paella was served in a 9" skillet about 1" deep!!! I thought it was for one person when I first saw it. We told the waiter that it was the smallest portion of paella we've ever seen for two people and he laughed.

This restaurant is a ripoff! If anyone who reads this puts any effort whatsoever into earning their money, DO NOT EAT HERE! This restaurant is also listed in the Lehigh Valley Good Taste publication and their advertisement mentions that additional side dishes were included with the paella (we found out after we dined there, of course) and we got none.

Way too expensive and way too small of a portion. Your money would be better spent elsewhere.

Good Taste
1015 N 3rd St Ste 101, Harrisburg, PA 17102

Feb 21, 2011
cdb32563 in Pennsylvania