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Are Buff's Pub wings really all that ?

Your friend's site has potential, but it definitely needs a better search engine. And it might be a good idea to have them enable RSS feeds for their blog. I couldn't subscribe to it in my Google Reader.

Jun 23, 2010
JSJoyce in Greater Boston Area

Are Buff's Pub wings really all that ?

Buff's wings are superb. I used to frequent the BusyBee in Watertown for their wings, but they've gone downhill a bit since the new owners took over. Donohues in East Watertown were OK. Just went to the Orchard Park Grill last night (see my review on Yelp here: http://tinyurl.com/2dvley2 ). They were OK, but not "buffalo" wings as I know & love them.

Having been to Duff's in suburban Buffalo (the one by the airport), all other wings will have to compare those from Duff's, which were a bit better than the Anchor Bar and by far better than any I've had anywhere else. Buff's is the closest to Duff's that I've had thus far, but need to get to the Fat Cat for further "research".

Fat Cat
24 Chestnut St, Quincy, MA 02169

Orchard Park Grill
208 Waverley Ave, Watertown, MA 02472

Jun 23, 2010
JSJoyce in Greater Boston Area

Best italian sub in the area

Vincent's in Norwood is OK, but the North End Deli in Norwood is better, IMHO. Not a huge over-stuffed pile of lettuce or anything like that, just a simple & tasty sandwich on a great roll w/ fresh-sliced meats & cheese.

Dec 07, 2009
JSJoyce in Greater Boston Area

Norwood-area Buffalo Wings?

Lots of bars/pubs/restaurants in the Norwood area, but none seem to have good wings.

The wings at British Beer Co. in Walpole aren't bad. but not on par w/ Buff's in Newton (or Duff's in Buffalo, for that matter).

Anybody have recs for a great on-the-bone Buffalo Wing in the Norwood area?

Dec 07, 2009
JSJoyce in Greater Boston Area

Saporito's Florence Club Cafe - Hull

One word: "GO"

After looking at a faded Boston Globe review of Saporito's on our fridge door for about 3 years, my wife & I finally went down to Hull a few months ago and we loved it. Great little place w/ terrific atmosphere, great service and delicious food.

We went back this past weekend and had a fantastic meal. We started w/ a fresh tomato, bibb lettuce & blue cheese salad, along with an appetizer portion of rigatoni Bolognese. The salad was very good w/ deliciously fresh heirloom tomatoes. But the Bolognese was incredibly delicious - I was ready to order a full sized-portion for my dinner.

Instead, I got the swordfish special - a perfectly grilled & seasoned swordfish served over a wild mushroom risotto. Delicious. My wife got the hangar steak, served w/ herb & parmesad dusted fries and a side of green beans. The meat was tasty & cooked to order, but was a bit too tough for our tastes. She'll probably go w/ the ribeye next time.

About 15 minutes after we ordered our entrees, the owner came to our table to confirm our orders, saying the ticket got jammed in the printer in the kitchen. She apologized profusely, even though we hadn't really noticed and didn't really care that our entrees were a bit tardy. Moments later, she arrived again with a complementary dish of antipasto just to tide us over until the entrees were completed. About 10 minutes later our entrees arrived piping hot. The owner also came by again to make sure all was well, and to tell us dessert was also on the house due to the delay in getting the entrees served.

Time for dessert came and the server said if we were too full for dessert, the owner would love to send us home w/ a small order of the Bolognese, which I had been raving about to both the server & the owner. But I rallied and we got an order of ice cream-filled profiteroles, which were yummy.

When the server brought the check, she also brought a single-serving take-out portion of Bolognese sauce. I'm looking forward to making a bit of pasta and having that Bolognese for lunch one day this week.

Dinner with the salad & Bolognese for starters, the swordfish & hangar steak for entrees, 2 cocktails and a half-bottle of Red Zinfandel came to about $120 w/ tax & generous tip to our wonderful server.


John in Norwood

Sep 03, 2007
JSJoyce in Greater Boston Area

Dinner in Cohasset

Not sure what your idea of affordable is, but not too far from the Music Circus in Hull is "Saporito's Cafe", just off the main drag at Nantasket Beach.


Matter of fact, I think that's where we're heading for dinner on Sunday.

John in Norwood

Aug 28, 2007
JSJoyce in Greater Boston Area