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CHOW's Intense Brownies

Recipe amazing. Just made the best brownies ever off it. Could it be the glass pan? I was dubious- but I followed the recipe and baked it in a glass dish. Chewy, chocolaty- yum!

Nov 16, 2011
mardulia in Recipes

wellfleet vacation advice

FYI Wellfleet has it's own Farmers Market behind Preservation Hall on Wednesdays. New this year. And yes, we (locals) are quite casual! ;-)

Jul 11, 2011
mardulia in Southern New England

Wellfleet Lunch has a list of open resuarants in Wellfleet. Click on the slide in the slideshow that says "Off Season Dining"

But for my money I'd do BP&B, (peanut butter and balony?) and they do have a place to sit down- it's just not always open. ;-)

Feb 19, 2011
mardulia in Southern New England