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boeuf bourguignon recommendations?

especially looking for it in EB or Peninsula, but welcome other recommendations for SF or South Bay.

Dec 07, 2013
dbg in San Francisco Bay Area

third wave coffee in DC?

Thanks Doh. The thread you recmmend mentions dark roast. What I mean by third wave is a lighter roast- in the Bay Area it's Blue Bottle, Ritual, Bicycle, Four Barrel. Hope that clarifies.

Oct 23, 2012
dbg in Washington DC & Baltimore

third wave coffee in DC?

I was out in Oakland, CA and had some of this delicious stuff. Any such roasters/cafes in DC?

Oct 23, 2012
dbg in Washington DC & Baltimore

TJ's Spinach and Kale pie- what's the deal?

I have cooked this a half dozen times and after the 45 minute suggested cooking time it is still dead cold in the middle. My oven temp is fine. Have others had this experience? Needs at least an hour.

Oct 01, 2012
dbg in Chains

venting range to roof or exterior side?

My downstairs neighbor is remodeling her kitchen and proposing to vent her range to the exterior side wall between our 2 units (right above her window line and a bit below mine- between our bathroom windows which are not far from the bedroom windows), My question: what's the likelihood of my smelling her exhaust (grease etc) through my windows?

Feb 20, 2012
dbg in Cookware

double ovens?

redoing the ktichen and want to put in a double oven. anyone know anything about the freestanding ones that come w/ a full oven and then that mini one as the 2nd oven? wondering what the quality of the cooking/baking is from those mini ovens.

Feb 18, 2011
dbg in Cookware