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Thai, Indian, Vietnamese restaurant in Chicago for solo diner

Love all forms of Asian food especially Indian as I'm British! Looking for excellent food in a buzzy fun atmosphere. As a solo diner I like to sit at a bar if possible rather than a table. Been to Le Colonial previously. Heard a lot about Cumin. Staying at Trump. Thanks.

Mar 21, 2014
UKGIRL48 in Chicago Area

Birthday dinner pre-Blackhawks game

Looking for suggestions on where to take my son for his 19th birthday dinner pre-game at United Centre. Has turned into a mom & son evening as his father is away on business! He is a meat lover but I am a vegetarian. Looking for high quality food, fun buzzy atmosphere. Open to ideas for Randolph street restaurants possibly but not Girl & Goat. So salty! I'm English and obsessed with Indian & Thai food so that could work.

May 02, 2013
UKGIRL48 in Chicago Area

Solo female traveller coming to Chicago looking for dining recs

Excited to be be coming to Chicago again from NYC. Coming solo for business and looking for fun, upbeat restaurants with excellent food and a great bar area as I like to eat there when alone. Staying in the Gold Coast area. Love Thai/Asian food! Thanks for your help. Been to Paris Club, Hub 51, Girl and Goat, Purple Pig, Wildfire already.

Jul 24, 2012
UKGIRL48 in Chicago Area

Fun 21st birthday dinner suggestions in Manhattan

I am hosting a 21st birthday dinner for my daughter who is at NYU for about 15 people. The group is mostly her age with parents and possible one grandparent. Need a fun lively place that also might have dancing, music or cocktail area to hang out after or maybe a place close by we could walk to. Typically she likes the meatpacking hotspots and she loves ethnic food such as indian, vietnamese, thai etc. Budget not a problem as long as it is fun and great food! I have stayed at 60 Thompson and The James Hotel in Soho and like their rooftop bar areas. Thanks for your suggestions

May 17, 2011
UKGIRL48 in Manhattan


I am heading to New Orleans from Chicago for a short break as family all over country in various sporting activites. Staying at Ritz Carlton and want to try the fabulous restaurants that New Orleans is known for but where will I be comfortable as a single woman. I prefer to sit at a bar area within a restaurant rather than solo at a table. Where are the fun, loud, in spots where I can blend with great food! I assume most of the top restaurants have a bar area that you can order the full menu. Any suggestions for nightlife - I am late 30's. Also looking for a cozy coffee spot for a great am coffee maybe in French quarter.

Feb 18, 2011
UKGIRL48 in New Orleans