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Any good spots to have lunch near the Art Institute?

Thanks all you Chowhounders!
Cafecito seems like the best choice...inexpensive, funky, and yummy.

Mar 18, 2013
TV Tom in Chicago Area

Any good spots to have lunch near the Art Institute?

I've heard the Italian spot at the Art Institute is just OK and pretty expensive.
Any places close by that would be strong for lunch?

Mar 14, 2013
TV Tom in Chicago Area

What's Killer in Santa Barbara? [moved from Los Angeles board]

Hi Chowers,
I'm going up to S.B. for my son's birthday on November 2 (a Friday night).
He's a student at UCSB and loves great steak, Italian, Mexican or Cal Cuisine.
I did some checking on various Santa Barabara food sites and got a few recommendations, but nothing stood out.
Money IS an issue. I don't want to spend $75.00-100.00 per person...more in the $50. per range.
Any suggestions? Can be in Goleta, Santa Barbara or Montecito.
Love the type of place that isn't yet on everyone's radar, so come on Chowers hip me to the right spots.
TV Tom

Oct 22, 2007
TV Tom in California

What happened to Madame Matisse?

Hi Chowers,
I recently went to my once favorite breakfast/lunch spot in Silverlake and noticed a whole new staff.
When I asked what had happened to Ann and Phillipe (I think that was his name/the main chef) they had no answers.
Anyone know what this fab pair of is up to? A new spot perhaps?
Let me know...thanks!

Aug 28, 2007
TV Tom in Los Angeles Area

Dinner Near Greek Theater -- Advice?

Though another poster recommended Farfalla's Brazilian sidekick, I heartily endorse Farfalla for really great Italian. bring wine if you want ...I think corkage is around $14. a bottle. Great food and vibe and real close to the Greek.

Aug 28, 2007
TV Tom in Los Angeles Area