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Ethiopian kolo

Where can I buy kolo in or near Montreal?

Kolo is an Ethiopian snack food. Roasted, spiced barley. Looks something like sunflower seeds already shelled and roasted.

Somebody brought me a bag from Ethiopia and I'm hooked.

Top Cheap Eats of Montreal?

I have tried The Main once or twice as a possible alternative to Schwartz's. My opinion: not even close. I stand in line or else plan to go to Schwartz first thing in the monrning when they open or mid-afternoon. Some things are just worth it and nothing comes anywhere near close to Schwartz. I have noticed the last time I was there (I go on a pilgrimage a few time a year) that the "medium" smoked meat had much more fat than in the past. I used to scorn ordering "lean" but may have to change my mind. As for the lack of courtesy - it's part of the experience. Snap back at the boys behind the counter, while grinning. They don't mind.