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Restaurant recommendations, for May, staying on border of 3rd and 11th

Have your heard of AU FIL DES SAISONS? We had a really nice dinner there about a year ago, very reasonably priced with nice atmosphere. It's very small, the street is basically an alley, and the restaurant isn't very well marked. It's a few blocks from Republique. They specialize in 7-hour duck confit that's topped with a slice of foie gras (very decadent, but to die for). You get a few bread "boules" served on a skewer, each a different type. Their dessert specialty is a "flight" of ice creams. The night we were there, the chef was also the waiter - he's very friendly and knows how to cook!

6 Rue Fontaines du Temple
75003 Paris, France
01 42 74 16 60

Jan 25, 2011
lronick in France

NE CH heading to inauguration - Looking for grub in Potomac

Bezu in the main commercial area in Potomac (the intersection of River and Falls roads) is very good, but more upscale than "pub grub", and pretty expensive. For pub grub, I hear Flaps is OK, although I haven't eaten there. The Hunter's Inn is somewhere in between, don't expect gourmet food, but the atmosphere is homey. Normandie Farm is a mile or two out of the town center, and has OK French food and a nice atmosphere for a cold winter's night. For standard Italian fare, try Renato.

Latkes (Potato Pancakes)

There's a great tip in Cook's Illiustrated that I've used very successfully.Shread all the potatoes with the disk, but only process 1/2 of the shredded potatoes with the blade, then combine them. The shredded pieces get really crisp, and the processed potatoes give you a creamy inside. It's a nice combination.

Jan 16, 2009
lronick in Recipes

New Year's Eve in Nice

There's a great vegetarian/Italian restaurant called La Zucca Magica right in the port area of Nice. This is not to be compared with Le Chantecler - it's a neighborhood place with really good food, and you won't believe you're eating vegetarian. Marco, the chef, is a real character, so if you get to meet him, engage him in a little conversation and you won't be bored the rest of the evening. There's a fixed menu - everyone eats the same food, and loves all of it. La Zucca Magica was recently profiled in the NY Times -

A bit more upscale is La Petite Maison just off the main street of the old city. We were in Nice a few weeks ago, but couldn't get into it - completely booked. So, be sure to reserve. Take a look at Fodor's review - Have a great time - Nice is my favorite city in France (not to mention my wife's birthplace!).

Nov 12, 2008
lronick in France

provence/cote d'azur restaurant suggestions

If you want to venture out of the Vieux Nice, I highly recommend "La Zucca Magica" (the magic gourd). It's right at the Port of Nice, in the far left corner if you were facing the harbor from the sea. It's vegetarian Italian, with a jovial chef/owner named Marco. So, if you want to try something other than French food, give this place a try. Excellent food, with a set menu.

Sep 05, 2007
lronick in France

La Chassagnette post-Rubinel

Has anyone been to La Chassagnette in Le Sambuc since Rubinel left? We're going to be in the area in early October and were hoping that the weather will hold out and let us enjoy an al fresco lunch there, assuming the food is still worth the trip (we'll be staying in St. Remy, so the trip is actually not too bad).

Any input would be appeciated.

Aug 28, 2007
lronick in France