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Best quality sushi in San francico

Yo's!! It filled a great niche, definitely not my splurge sushi joint, but perfect for a Tuesday with the kids, especially with Yo-san's great banter. Heard he was also working someplace in the city, but can't recall where. My understanding was that he didn't want to retire, but was ready to give up the stress of being the owner. Ichi isn't bad.

Best quality sushi in San francico

So stoked to find this discussion as I've been lamenting the same thing lately!! Have doubled down on resolve to go to Aka Tombo, and was glad to hear that Okina is still around...I always loved his vibe and sushi, even though the selection was limited. Has anyone checked out Murasaki lately? Sasaki-san used to be a good go-to source for excellent sushi and cooked items, although quality did vary depending on the day you were there. I've tried to love Akiko's and am delighted at their adventurous and ambitious neta selection but find their portions just too tiny and their rice disappointing.

Dumpling Kitchen [San Francisco]

Figured as an obsessive XLB fan who first started going to Shanghai Dumpling King two owners ago, I could pipe in and at least explain what I know. Original SDK owner now runs Shanghai Dumpling Shop in Millbrae. Second owner of SDK (who cooked during their ascendancy, their appearance on KQED's Check Please, etc.) sold three years ago, and because of a non-compete clause had to leave SF and now runs a Shanghai Dumpling King in...Houston. Don't despair. His brother, who shared cooking duties at SDK, is now the chef at Dumpling Kitchen.
What really matters though, ARE the dumplings?! IMHO the ones at Dumping Kitchen are possibly better, and certainly more consistent, than they were back at SDK. More delicate skins, abundant juice, good balance of flavor. I miss some other menu items from SDK (bok choy and tofu skin, bean thread noodles with preserved vegetables...) but I went back twice under new ownership and just wasn't impressed so haven't been back. I'm very happy with DK, love their spicy fish soup, pea shoots, and iron-pot bacon rice. It's definitely one of our go-to family restaurants.
On the topic of sheng jian bao (pan-fried dumplings), last I checked the chef had returned from his trip to China and had successfully sourced the ginormous pans that are required to cook these properly. Alas, he's still working on getting enough fire power UNDER the pans to be able to make the real deal. SF permitting issues. sigh. They're on the menu, they're not bad, but they're not what you get in Shanghai.
Sorry for the long post!

Fried Chicken in San Francisco

Had to jump on to say I thought Boxing Room's Fried chicken was the most overrated, disappointing FC I've had in this city in a long time, and I've been around the FC block! Mostly, though, i was paging through this thread bc I was curious if anyone else had recommended Frisco Fried. Found myself there by accident (April's was closing early) and man, what a lucky find! I was indifferent about the waffles, but the chicken, the chicken. mmmmmm. You wait, because it is definitely fried to order, but when it comes, hot, crispy, moist... IMHO it beats the pants off the likes of Hard Knox, Front Porch, etc. Super friendly service, too!

Pumpkin Blossoms --Anywhere in Bay Area?

Yup, last Saturday at the Alemany Farmer's market several vendors had them for sale!

tall order from my Japanese client: "typical" san francisco seafood restaurant, not terribly inconvenient from SFO, maybe Pacifica?

Thanks for all the input and help! Ended up going to Skool since it was a) easy to get to from SFO and b) had open reservation and c) good reviews. Little iffy at first because we actually arrived early and the bar scene was a bit too hip post-work happy hour crowd for my (relatively...) older client and we couldn't actually get anyone to serve us a drink to save our life.

HOWEVER, hostess was attentive and sorted us out before things went too south, and it was smooth sailing from there. The food was non-Japanese enough to be interesting, and the quality of the seafood met his standards. (tall order, among other things, dude is certified sushi chef...) It was my first visit, but won't be the last. I'm eager to hit their brunch/happy hour with dollar oysters! I really appreciated the light touch on the seasonings, so many places really ramp up the salt/soy elements when it comes to fusion-ey foods. If I had to quibble, the pasta in the squid ink pasta was so-so, not the best i've had, but the broth was so rich I can't hold it against them. Did try the uni flan (scallops and uni being two things I can never pass up on a menu...) and found it fun, a nice play on the concept.

Appreciated the Fish Market and Old Clam House intrigued enough to try them out sans work obligation one of these days, but (as little stock as I put in yelp...) the recent reviews especially about service going downhill, kind of made me wary. And doing the research made me keen to try a whole bunch of other places, too, so thanks again to all!

tall order from my Japanese client: "typical" san francisco seafood restaurant, not terribly inconvenient from SFO, maybe Pacifica?

You guys are awesome!! Appreciated the insight on Moonraker bc I'd considered it. Robert, totally agree with you about Chinese! Took him to Koi palace last time and he loved it. Pacific cafe is good, but location is super inconvenient. And THANK YOU for the giants game reminder!! Intrigued by old clam house but the recent reviews and news about change in ownership have me worried. Didn't know about Fish Market but will look into it. At this point leaning toward skool, ease of access and able to make reservations. Never been, which makes me nervous but as long as they have fresh seafood he'll be happy.

tall order from my Japanese client: "typical" san francisco seafood restaurant, not terribly inconvenient from SFO, maybe Pacifica?

thanks, estnet. If possible, hoping for something closer than the 30 min. drive to Half Moon Bay...

tall order from my Japanese client: "typical" san francisco seafood restaurant, not terribly inconvenient from SFO, maybe Pacifica?

HELP! I'm local and consider myself pretty knowledgeable about our food scene, but he's got me stumped. Arrives at 6:30 on Friday and he wants me to take him to a non-stuffy, casual place that serves good local seafood, BUT (here's the kicker...) not too much of a haul from the airport. Willing to go into the city, but trying to avoid N. Beach/downtown/Fisherman's wharf which wipes out most places I can think of and/or recommended by others on this board. Is there anything in Pacifica?! Thanks in advance for your wisdom!

Defining food experiences in Singapore

Just want to piggyback on original post with a big "thank you" for all the suggestions here and elsewhere. Am a San Franciscan omnivore heading to Singapore for a week where I'll mostly be tied up with work but hope to eat myself silly the rest of the time. Staying near Orchard Rd. Can't wait mostly for pepper crab and laksa noodles. Because of both being on my own and lack of time, am considering checking out Straits Restaurant at the Hyatt. I KNOW, it's a buffet, but would be an easy way to sample way more than I could by wandering through the Hawker stalls. Is this a reasonable plan or pure heresy?